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  1. I must be one of the only people not impressed with the Cloverfield trailer. In fact, right now I'm laughing at how bad that trailer actually is.

    Anyway, my next statements right now are made as a life-long Transformers fan, from it's G1 beginnings:

    The movie ROCKED. I wish shome of the characters got more character development and screentime but I was expecting that, too many characters not enough development. Very G1 like right there.

    The voice cast and the human actors were ace and everyone was great. I didn't think Megan Fox was that good of an actress, mainly eye candy. However she could continue to improve and become a great actress.

    I WILL be buying this on DVD.

  2. Mayor McDaniels is still alive..?

    I always thought she died in Die Hippie, Die. Wikipedia says "Later in the same episode she was seen alive with a bandage around her head stained with blood." I don't remember that...

    Wikipedia is indeed correct. She shot herself then appeared later with a bandaged head.

    And The British need a better fleet.

  3. Pray the gay away? Oh God, this is referring to the crazy bastards that shout "God hates fags!" etc. Oh boy this is going to piss someone off.

    Not me though I hate those bastards.

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