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  1. Except for Randy getting caught it was a big meh like most of this season so far.
  2. This and the AIDS episode are the best of this one. Rest has been kinda meh but still with some laughs.
  3. Yeah the free missions can be a pain. Espescially when you have an enemy in them that has a gun. I HATE those guys.
  4. Wow, never realized this thread existed. Game is awesome blah blah blah anyone want to trade friend vouchers?
  5. Found a couple Transformers sites years ago after I got back into them and went as Optimus after my Favorite TF. Changed it to OptimusShr a few years ago for uniqueness.
  6. I loved the trilogy, I feel that part 3 could have been funnier but I still enjoyed it. The ending was win though.
  7. MUST. OWN. Superstar was the greatest Kirby ever.
  8. Cartman having Tourette's... This is not going to end well for the boys.
  9. Just saw it. An excellent movie. I have to read the book now.
  10. A very funny movie. Spider pig, spider pig,
  11. It is. It's called Music Label Soundwave and he can be bought at a number of online retailers. He's pricey though, he's in Japan only and you have to import him.
  12. I must be one of the only people not impressed with the Cloverfield trailer. In fact, right now I'm laughing at how bad that trailer actually is. Anyway, my next statements right now are made as a life-long Transformers fan, from it's G1 beginnings: The movie ROCKED. I wish shome of the characters got more character development and screentime but I was expecting that, too many characters not enough development. Very G1 like right there. The voice cast and the human actors were ace and everyone was great. I didn't think Megan Fox was that good of an actress, mainly eye candy. However she could continue to improve and become a great actress. I WILL be buying this on DVD.
  13. I rented this from Blockbuster yesterday and it ROCKS. Have to buy it later on, and finally trade in my Gamecube.
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