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  1. I have a PC and a few of the games, but whenever I consider installing them, I can't help but look towards the stack of homework I should be doing... aaargh when in life do I get time to play video games?
  2. Just got an email: " I'm happy to say that we have sold over 17,000 copies of the bundle!!" Jaw. Dropped. Congratulations guys, you've sold almost as many albums as is signatures required for Obama to pay attention to a petition!
  3. Nice, scored a ton of music. Good to see a lot of these guys did that Zelda conglomerate release thing too. What is it about Zelda music that's just so damn good? Anyway good idea to do this on Thanksgiving week, and right around the Steam sale too - everyone was in a buying mood. When this hit reddit I'm sure it just exploded.