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  1. Thanks for the advice Well I'm using Cubase at the moment, with Edirol Orchestral HQ VST plugin, its kind of the most realistic one I can afford at the moment haha but its a pain to set up. But yeh, I'll definitely take your advice into consideration.
  2. Hey! Yeh, this is one (and only for now) orchestral work. Tis very game music influenced, as you will be able to tell. Comments, Critques would be greatly appreciated, thanks http://xiongz.com/jun/HSC%20Compositions/Onward%20To%20Victory.mp3
  3. Thanks guys, soz for the late reply, been busy these holidays. Actually, i'm using fl atm myself, its just that i rewire it wit reason. Well, if you need ne help with it (dun think u do) ya can PM me or sumthing. Thnx for teh site hmm...yes...the manual..dunno where i put it now..and i've moved house too, so i prolly lost it x.x (thanks for the site) Thnx for teh site, yeh, version 3.0 is teh newest version. Thanks guys, and soz for replying so late.
  4. Hey all. I've recently got myself Reason 3.0, but i'm having a bit of trouble using it (to its full potential). Also, tutorials seem to be hard to come across. So has any1 seen or know of reason 3.0 tutorials?
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