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  1. I first submitted a few tracks to Pump Audio about five years ago. For a while it was somewhat lucrative for me, but their usage has dried up over the years.

    I have around 50 library-ready tracks in various styles that are just sitting here.

    Are there any other new licensing options out there that you guys have found useful?

  2. Confession time, I never finished SM64. Don't think I even came close. I have it on Wii VC tho, I should pay it again.

    Who let this guy on the project? ;)

    Definitely my favorite game growing up, and I'm so glad to have had a chance to be a part of this album. I would have remixed all three of the sources I took anyway; thanks for letting me take those three on the project! I almost dropped "Blue Coin" altogether, but some final production tweaks and some convincing finally got it to a point I was comfortable with releasing.

    Fantastic project with great tracks. Just to name a few, some completely surprised me with the direction they went (Hush Hour, Perilous Pathway, Do Piranha Plants, Peach's House Party), some really expanded on the source (Through the Flames, Somebody Set Up Us the Bob-omb - those chords!), and the classic sources were done right (Sunken Secrets, So Long-eh Bowser!).

    I'll go through and comment on each track soon.

  3. New remix release! Had it uploaded and hidden on soundcloud for a long while, waiting until my album release to share it. Essentially a bonus track. :)

    It's a remix of several GoldenEye themes - Surface, Caverns, and multiplayer especially.

    "After Hour Martini (shaken remix)" https://soundcloud.com/solesignal/after-hour-martini-shaken

    Live Kickstarter for the full album, "Coming Up Aces". Support appreciated! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1069234859/sole-signal-coming-up-aces-album-release

  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1069234859/sole-signal-coming-up-aces-album-release

    I'm excited to announce my new album release, "Coming Up Aces"! It's been six years (!) since my previous release (and then, under an entirely different artist name - Audix). Check out the link above for all the good stuff: album preview, description, and a free Bonus track download.

    I'll make it short and sweet as most of the description is in the Kickstarter link. Thanks OCR - your support is greatly appreciated!

  5. I just meant if you're only going to want 4 or 5 songs out of an album, why not just buy those and call it good?

    Purely fueled by aspie curiosity. :)

    Well, for one, not wanting only 4 or 5 songs on that album, just those being the standout ones that catch your ear before the rest. As in, those tracks the artist would cycle through Pandora, the tracks you'd show people to say "Check this guy out!", the tracks that probably would sell the most as single downloads on iTunes. The rest of it still good.

    Less abstractly, nine times out of ten I'd buy an album from an artist I like before I'd buy even a handful of unrelated singles.

  6. I'll buy a cohesive, developed album with 4 or 5 standout tracks (the "singles") for $8-$15 in a heartbeat before I'll buy 4 or 5 singles on their own. By the album format, I'm trusting that the artist really put some time into polishing and creating his work. Of course, if it turns out the rest of the stuff is filler, good luck convincing me to pay again.

    So, yeah, throwing an album together from a bunch of random tracks you've done (even if "the best!" ones), is probably a bad idea. Once you have several strong albums out there, that buys you the leeway to experiment a bit. Until then, probably better to build a fanbase with a more consistent style.

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