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  1. ... Not to mention your pvp whores who mod like mad.. I've seen players that the only thing they do is run and jump around in combat as their programs read off commands and use the skills it finds appropriate, he just uses his other UI's to swap equipment as he sees fit while the UI does the rest...

    These mods he's supposidly useing should no longer work after patch 1.10, they made it so that only the default UI is allowed to use "hooks" in its code. Also, even before 1.10 they were illegal and a bannable offence.

    If these players have mods that allow them to play without giveing any real input to the game they might as well be botting and I have heard and seen people have their account terminated for much smaller offences.

    Watch Ming on LB.

    He honestly doesn't do anything but move and thats just foward and backward. all the turning and everything else is done for him.

    And he is still doing it.

  2. Anyone interested in trading account?

    Like I said, I've got a handful of 60's () and then a few high level characters.

    am looking to trade my account. here is what is on it.

    60 Warlock

    Has 7/8 Felheart (Tier 1 Set)

    2/8 Nemesis

    Has Imp for Epic Quest

    Great rep with all BG's and factions

    Bank loaded with nexus shards and items that can be sold for $$$

    Unguilded on a PvP server with a high population and lots of guilds recruiting locks for end-game. Or just own in BG's like I do.

    Currently Rank 5

    60 Priest

    Has 3/8 Prophecy

    Vestements of Shifting Sands (AQ epic) Glowing Brightwood Staff with +22 Intellect, Epic Mount, Portals Deck Trinket (epic)

    HUNDREDS of gold worth of stuff in bank, stacks and stacks of thorium.

    Has epic bug mount from AQ EXTREMELY rare.

    Currently rank 7, shadow with my gear and spec I am top of the charts every game in KB's, and this is againts rank 13 warriors and mages. Use silence and fear right and the only class that you will have trouble with on this character is a warlock if they resist too much.

    In a low-level guild with a funny name since I've been just PvPing. Get into any guild on the server running end-game though since you are a priest.

    PvP server.

    60 Warrior

    1 Piece of Valor, 300 Alchemist, 300 herbalist, 251 fisher (catch a ton of stonescale eels, this took forever) 150+ cooking. TONS of stonescales and rare herbs in bank.

    PvP server.

    60 Priest

    Unguilded on a PvP server, 300 tailor, 297 enchanter. Has 5 or 6 Devout, has been a while since played. Server is old and established so it would be easy to get geared.

    56 Hunter

    300 skinner, 280 or so tailor. Server is only a few months old, but many guilds are clearing MC and going into BWL (too easy now :P ) Has materials for two Dawn's Edges and lots of rugged leather and rare goodies on him.

    In a one-person guild for humurous purposes (funny name) till I hit 60 and went raiding guild hunting.

    PvP server.

    49 Mage

    280+ engineer, has good gear, couple hundred gold on her, all rested. Stay in bracket to PvP or level to 60 and start owning. I had a 60 Rogue on the same server, but I deleted him to roll on the other faction (stupid, I know)

    PvP server.

    43 Shaman

    First character. Was on a PvE server, not my cup of tea.

    26 Rogue

    Twinked out with some amazing gear, I'm not even 29 and I own warriors with crusader in that bracket.


    A hunter is my highest priority. Rogue second, but considering all the stuff you are getting I would prolly expect either some alts or some money to make up for it.

    Post here or e-mail me at JesusChristMD@gmail.com

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