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  1. Oh, and by the way, me getting a temp ban for "spamming" and posting on 8 threads is a JUST A LITTLE retarded.
  2. These mods he's supposidly useing should no longer work after patch 1.10, they made it so that only the default UI is allowed to use "hooks" in its code. Also, even before 1.10 they were illegal and a bannable offence. If these players have mods that allow them to play without giveing any real input to the game they might as well be botting and I have heard and seen people have their account terminated for much smaller offences. Watch Ming on LB. He honestly doesn't do anything but move and thats just foward and backward. all the turning and everything else is done for him. And he is still doi
  3. Anyone interested in trading account? Like I said, I've got a handful of 60's () and then a few high level characters. am looking to trade my account. here is what is on it. 60 Warlock Has 7/8 Felheart (Tier 1 Set) 2/8 Nemesis Has Imp for Epic Quest Great rep with all BG's and factions Bank loaded with nexus shards and items that can be sold for $$$ Unguilded on a PvP server with a high population and lots of guilds recruiting locks for end-game. Or just own in BG's like I do. Currently Rank 5 60 Priest Has 3/8 Prophecy Vestements of Shifting Sands (AQ epic) Glowing Brightwood Staf
  4. many specs are required for a good reason. adding debuffs, subtracting debuffs, aggro problems, etc. etc.
  5. SO I am here after receiving a WONDERFUL welcome for posting in the wrong place because, who would have thought, the noob area would be named TECHNICAL...& newbie. A trick question!!! Whatever...
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