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  1. first off, saw the name Materia Junkie when the songs were (accidently?) released on the site and came up on my RSS feed and instantly thought Yuffie!!!! then was disappointed to find it was 'Under The Rotting Pizza'.... ah well Man this, as we say down under, fully sick mate! I am loving what i am hearing. have to ask though, was REAKTR.1 supposed to be on there, cause that came up in the RSS feed, with Final Fantasy VII (as opposed to the normal 7), yet it isnt on the track list from the torrent. anyway, i am seeding the lot to help you out
  2. which RR compilation CD is that? and also the tracks from RR that ended up on RRR were remixed versions, although the high spec demo disc from RRT4 has Ridge Racer and Grip as the 2 audio tracks, so they could have gotten it from there
  3. just popped my copy of RR in the comp, and Grip isnt on there, at least on the Pal version. may be on the ntsc version, but idk. the PlanitB mixes of Hikari/Simple and Clean is the mix you here in the intro of the Japanese/International releases of Kingdom Hearts.
  4. ut2k4master, i was meaning a song that encapsulates the game or series, not an iconic game.
  5. I am not sure if it was in RR (need to consult winamp) but it was on RRR, remix on RR V, and i am sure there are other remixes about. maybe it is just me that picked up on it. there are heaps of songs through out the RR series, and Rotterdam Nation is one that sticks out, but there would only be a handfull of others that would too Kingdom Hearts/KH II - Hikari(Simple and Clean)/Passion(Sanctuary) i am putting these 2 (technically 4) together because to me they both have equal standing, and are perfect fitting for both games. For the first one in particular, the PlanitB mixes are the ones that stand out.
  6. ah that would be Rotterdam Nation '94. There is a Rotterdam Nation on the first game, but it is this remix that i remember too. another iconic one from the Ridge Racer Series, at least for me, is Grip, but it would be a tough choice
  7. any song can be recognisable, but does it stand out and instantly make you think of the game it is from? you gave a good one, the theme from Super Mario Bros. because when you think of that game, that is the tune you remember most 2 more from me: Final Fantasy VII - Liberi Fatali why?: while i could put Eyes On Me, I feel this more accuratly represnts the game. While Eyes On Me seems like a pop song slipped in, you can tell this one was written for the game. Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand Why?: there are 2 others that i could have chosen for this, but like Eyes On Me, Otherworld feels "slipped in". the other choice would be the songs of the fayth, but i feel To Zanarkand feels a more iconic representation of the game
  8. thanks for that point, i will add a little rule to the first post
  9. Was just thinking about this, and will eventually end up being a top ten all time thing, but what game songs/music is iconic for their game/series. By iconic, I mean when you hear the opening notes you instantly recognise it as being from X game/series, or the mention of the game/series name, it is one of the first ones you think of. when posting, please put a reason why it seems iconic. By now, you are wondering why i have put game/series. well for some submissions there will be solo games, or maybe have one sequel, but for others, there is an entire series. in order for fairness, when i come to organise the top 10 i am going to implement a rule of 1 song per series of 3 or more games. for now though, i am taking all submissions. another question mark at the moment is licensed music. for now, again, i am accepting them, but will wait and see when the time comes. There is one rule with this thread: this is not a favourites thread. There are many songs that could be chosen, because you like them, but i am looking more for those that though they may not be your cup of tea, define or make you think of that game. for now, my 2 first submissions: Final Fantasy VII - One-Winged Angel Why?: aguably FF VII is the most popular of the series, or at least well known, and once you hear the opening of this song, it instantly brings up images of Sephiroth walking though fire or decending to fight in the second-last battle. also it was unique, as most of the music through-out the game was synthesized, then this hits you and you go whoa! Silent Hill - Silent Hill Why?: It should be enough to say they used it for the trailers for the film, that is how much it represents Silent Hill. you hear the opening of it and you instantly think Silent Hill, and of course all the twistedness that comes with the games so, what music do you think is iconic for a game or series
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