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  1. still spamming threads like the rest well ill get around to tryin 1 of the mixes on OC and see what happens
  2. well after looking around alot on the site i finally got the courage up to post my main reason for this is every1 here seems to have expensive hardware and studios ( in some cases i think :S) and i still feel a lil small saying all i work with mostly is Vanguard, VST Synth Waldorf Attack, VST drum machine + can be a synth bass sounds or basic leads etc. so i feel a lil small here, but that doesnt change the fact i love to take older game songs and remaking them, but after reading reasons to why mixes where taken out i would now feel nervous about trying to submit a track i made mostly for a friend who asked if i could give it a try though he suggested i tryed here to see if people here like it I've spent some time in trying to do and I KNOW almost all of you will sigh, Tetris and J-E-N-O-V-A from FF7 It isnt a midi rip with drums however i do like to stick quite closly to the original melody as not to lose the point of what im doing so im not sure if it needs to sound really really differnt, this is why im posting asking questions first. In case any1 was wondering my style that i do for most works is, electronic, trance, dance, club etc. other then all of that HI to all you people on the oc site! edit* just read that guys post on the vanguard ((
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