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  1. Nice, I really like the 1 minute part. Though the instrument from 0 to :24 seems to be a bit repetitive throughout the song, and doesnt exactly sound nice I would say. Just an opinion, sounded a bit sharp, could consider lowering pitch to something more like this:

    Thats just kind of a personal preference though.
  2. Agh I must say I hate that new sax you've added, feels so out of place. I think you had a strong enough lead and that if anything it just needed some more backdrop like the part that becomes prounounced at 3:24.

    But thats just one guys opinion other people seem to like it.

  3. I liked it, the beginning distortion sounds do get kind of annoying I have to admit. But I like how theres always a new sound accompanying the chorus, might be nice if you fill in any spots that dont have anything and just make them less pronounced.

    Its actually really well made except for the annoying distortion at the beginning. And the ending needs to be made lower pitch and softer in my opinion.

    Yes, that would be swell.

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