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  1. Normally wouldn't post anything, but had to post how great this song is. Keep up the good work.
  2. Nice, I really like the 1 minute part. Though the instrument from 0 to :24 seems to be a bit repetitive throughout the song, and doesnt exactly sound nice I would say. Just an opinion, sounded a bit sharp, could consider lowering pitch to something more like this: Thats just kind of a personal preference though.
  3. Oh snap I do like this, you better keep working on it it needs more filling.
  4. I like it, it had some lord of the ringish parts. I liked it contrasting with the 2:36 part, which was sort of less serious which I liked about FF5 being it wasnt very serious at a lot of parts.
  5. I like the parts it gets a bit faster paced, wish it had more of those.
  6. Ah I had given up hope on this song, I have an old WIP I still listen to; glad I dont have to back it up anymore. Nice work.
  7. I just got to say nutricious before I listen to the newer version I like your remix's but I always seem to like the pre-edited version way more than the edited ones, hopefully this one will be better.
  8. Well theres still no remix of this game yet, and its music rocks so hard. Anyways this has some of the tunes on it.
  9. Heh this is pretty cool, i dont think id have even noticed it was mario kart unless it was on ocr; and i play mario kart all the time. >< awesome mix
  10. I think its pretty neat, can you post the wtf sephiroth one?
  11. I think it needs more volume/tempo changes throughout the song, its rather ridgid as it is.
  12. Its hilarious, I love how the music is mixed in with it. by the way you see this comic?: http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/4407/falconpunchbyhailnekoyadc9.png I thought it was funny when it was mentioned in the song thingy.
  13. I dunno I liked the old version better, something about the guitar in the new version just seems slow and out of place. Doesnt really get inside your head as the old one did, perhaps it will be better next update though.
  14. track 2 better kick total god damn ass otherwise i will be pissed,
  15. I think its good to have a lot of source themes if you can manage to pull them all together well enough. Seems like they are copy/pasted together, the tempo changes to quickly or the instruments fade out before changing.
  16. I like how long it is, any idea when you'll get an update up?
  17. Ya not 1 single remix on this and the music from it is awsome.
  18. Who made the FFMQ sound track anyways, I remember the game itself was made in the usa but they didnt make the music did they? I love the music from ffmq I just want to know if it was really produced in the usa.
  19. Agh I must say I hate that new sax you've added, feels so out of place. I think you had a strong enough lead and that if anything it just needed some more backdrop like the part that becomes prounounced at 3:24. But thats just one guys opinion other people seem to like it.
  20. Horrible instrument choice and the tempo is really stale.
  21. Reminded me of initial d, I love how it keeps the castlevania theme throughout. It may not be your cup of tea but if you set out to make a song such as this you couldnt make it any better than it is, and thats what you should be looking for when you judge these things.
  22. I agree with everything the last guy said, I was thinking the exact same things. Its got to kinda sound like this: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7460 See how it kinda leads up to the next piece, most easily pieced together using increased volume or tempo over time.
  23. Im bumping this thread for great justice.
  24. I liked it, the beginning distortion sounds do get kind of annoying I have to admit. But I like how theres always a new sound accompanying the chorus, might be nice if you fill in any spots that dont have anything and just make them less pronounced. Its actually really well made except for the annoying distortion at the beginning. And the ending needs to be made lower pitch and softer in my opinion. Yes, that would be swell.
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