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  1. ahhhhh be on tonight late guys... and be on FOREVERRRRR ...i htink i failed my final and i'm depressed..you guys need to cheer me up with some music or something rofl..while we kill!
  2. i'm back on live playing h2!!!! gt: mo0dessa (first an o then a zero... lol! add me to your lists:).... i don't think i can leave the clan i'm in right now..i still have deej and icy guy on my fl though..lol
  3. sorry, i haven't been online lately... I moved and then I didn't have internet for hte longest time... can you remove my accnts "ayadocus" and "ayasaurus" and add/send a request to "mo0dessa" (first an o, then a zero)... I'm gonna try to get back on this week! lol...miss playing with you guys
  4. i was on yesterday. but i wont be on for awhile again cuz i'm going out of town!... itwas fun playing with deej, doc and ewok though lol!>... dont miss me too much, guys.... we should get another game of TROY up
  5. Cool link, but i can't get it to work..
  6. Hope you're on later.. I think I'll be on in a bit... Btw- I thought you were a girl cuz of the belldandy sig lol
  7. i used to use that with halo1 and when i didn't have xbl yet... but I can't get it to work now with my connection somehow.'... I can use xlink though, do you use that one?
  8. have i played with you yet?.. i dunno..i hope i get to play with people more..and i'm on right now and noone's on:(..so sad-ish...'... get on xbl, people!
  9. got it!... and actually- I'm on alot of h2 right now... I'm usually only on during the weekends, but since it's summer break for college I can hop on more frequently.. It was really fun just playing with you guys.. last night was cool too and I got to know more of the people there. Still, I would like to get in game with the others that haven't appeared on line at all since I've joined the clan.
  10. How do you become staff member of the clan? Do you try out or is it based on the person's activeness on the site/clan?
  11. hahhaha i was hoping one of you guys would post tat sometime already..hahah it was so random and funny.... and you hit me from behind... wait..i mean assasinated
  12. i prolly can't answer that since i've just finally joined the forums after surfing the site for awhile now@_@... but i do wish you'd get on aim:P
  13. it was really cool playing with you guys!..just so refreshing cuz usually i play with kids that talk mad trash, etc. hahaha the hog game on coag was cool, but the btb stuff was even better... wish i coulda stayed on longer,.. btw in case you didn't know, i'm ayadocus on xbl... my other name is mo0dessa but that list is full and i can't leave the clan im in on that account..besides my dinoname pwns
  14. awwww is there still space on this clan or is it still even up? I don't think i can sift through 97 pages to catch up n the topic@_@... but please add me or send me a clan invite! gt: ayasaurus or mo0dessa (first an o, then a zero) BTB-slayer! lol
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