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  1. Hmmm swat sounds fun...My dad is about to re-start my account, and I'll post back when he does. Peace till then. Sorry I havent been on, my dad forgot about his whole changing the credit card without me knowing thing. >.<
  2. Heh I know what you mean about that college thing... I got into a couple so far, but I have to find some kind of scholarship... = /
  3. *Bleeds* Damn! Where the Hell did my snow day go?!
  4. yea...hi again! I'll be on tomorow I think, seeing as I have no school (SNOW DAY! WHAT WHAT!), so if someone is able to, I would still love to join all you other OCR people!
  5. hmmm 11? I'd haveta see....I'll try though! I've been on every afternoon this whole week, and MAN I've missed this game. haha. I'd still love to join clan OCR...
  6. Hmmm, if someone would send me a clan OCR invite, id love to play clan matches too! I'm ok at 'em at least
  7. hey all, im fairly new to ocr, but i love it and would enjoy playing with you guys. Gamertag: Azzizzle see ya all around!
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