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  1. Also, since I have downloaded the file already, a heads-up on the track information changes would be cool...?
  2. Awesome album! I'm really diggin' Scar-Sealing Girl. I'll have to join the "not quite feelin' it" party over Sexy Boy, though. It sounds amazing and I love the execution, but it seems to be the odd-one-out in terms of lyrics.
  3. Track 08 (Adrenalyne Kyck), there's some spoken words. Here's what I have... but I'm missing a tiny bit DX
  4. I'll just pop in here for a sec. I'm on "Materia Junkie" right now and so far I'm likin' what I'm hearin'. I'm also seeding, ~35 Kb/sec. I'm another person that did NOT download the WAV folder, let alone seed(ing) it. And sorry for being late to the party, but why include the WAV files again?
  5. Whoa, WAV files? *balettes* This'll only take about 2 hours now XD
  6. That was the problem- but I was only saving it in my My Music folder (Windows); this is the first time I ever had any sort of error...! It's working now, because I'm now saving it to c:\\FFVotL\ as opposed to c:\documents and settings... ...48 hours to go, but worth it. And I'll seed for about two months XD
  7. I had problems with the previous version; that's why I upgraded to .93 today X_X I grabbed the torrent file from VotL's site; is that one buggy? Is there another file available?
  8. Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but am I the only one experiencing problems with the torrent? I'm using BitComet 0.93 and I keep getting "Stopped[Disk Error]."
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