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  1. Thanks, that worked. I'd actually tried that and gotten a "File/path access error" from the FLAC Frontend, so for anyone else with the same problem and running under Vista with UAC enabled, take note that you may have to run the FLAC Frontend as an administrator.

    Ok, so I spoke too soon. For some reason I couldn't burn the resulting WAV file either, as my burning program didn't recognize it either. So, I opened it in Audacity and exported it as WAV, which for some reason produced a noticibly lower-bitrate file, but which would burn successfully.

  2. I just downloaded the torrent, and I noticed that my CD Burning utility wouldn't burn some of the FLAC files, and Audacity wouldn't open them either, so I ran FLACTester on the whole FLAC directory and got a FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_UNPARSEABLE_STREAM error on 107-SoS-Setting_Sail_(Hydropolis).flac and 308-SoS-Pain_Withstanding_(Standing_the_Pain).flac. Is there some magic I can do to fix these files, as they play fine, and according to the torrent, their hash checks out?

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