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  1. Well I'm a very presumptuous person, and I'm ecstatic about starting my career!
  2. They don't really need help persay. It's just a cool opportunity for people to get their songs heard and maybe make money is all. Thanks!
  3. Well, I posted a couple months ago about getting a job in the game industry... The offer to work as an animator for Zenimax Online fell through at that time, and my search for my dream career starting gig continued. Now I can say the search is over. I am officially the animator for an online game studio in Cambridge, MA called Conduit Labs (conduitlabs.com). Here's where OCRemixers come in. The game needs a ton of music because of it's dance/club nature. There will constantly be new songs added for various genres, even after the game releases. I'm sure if you're willing to create some new, original songs, Conduit could work out a deal to release your music in the game. I haven't started yet, that's in January. I'm just throwing this out there, I'll talk with them more about the music licensing when I start. Happy Mixing to ya! This place rocks!
  4. I'm a Character Animator. My job will be to create the bones and joints that turn static models into animatable characters (known as character rigging). Then I get to make character animations used in game. Basically actions like running, jumping, death, etc. Thank you everyone for the support! I don't mind questions either.
  5. LMAO! So true. And CA such a small building packed with a million students. I'm glad I got out of there when I did.
  6. It's an area just north of Baltimore. I'll probably be renting an apartment though, got too many school loans to afford a house right now. Thanks bud!
  7. Hey guys! I posted here a few months back about graduating from Full Sail University. It looks like the years of hard work finally paid off. I'm being flown out to MD next week to meet with Zenimax Online Studios. Now technically I don't have the job yet; they are just giving me a last look through to make sure I'm not a jackass. So please wish me luck!! And thanks for your guy's support thus far. I LOVE OCREMIX! The best music in the world! (for those that would like to see my demo reel, click below)
  8. Does anyone else feel like ocremix needs an online radio station via the site? I would listen to that so much. Possibly have a place on the forum where people post requests and such. That'd be awesome.
  9. The Tennis guy was not MoCap, everything is by hand. I that's a great compliment though. Thanks guys! I appreciate the critiques and compliments. Good to see other animators here kickin around.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Sterling Reames, a character animator that recently graduated from Full Sail University. I credit the music on my reel to McVaffe and his Street Fighter III Strike Jazz remix. Enjoy! And thank you guys. OCRemix is the best.
  11. Skies of Arcadia is amazing, and it's really sad to see so little of remixes for a game with such great music. I don't have a specific song, but I have a link to a few of the many great songs in the game: http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E1571454035/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Delphinus_cruise.mp3 http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E1639001072/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Hall_of_Memories.mp3 http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E165747802/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Yafutoma.mp3 http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E940170322/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Pirates_isle.mp3 http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E261834823/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Pirates_isle_port.mp3 http://xfer13.fileplanet.com/%5E683898308/ftp2/planetdreamcast/soaworld/Music/Skies_of_Arcadia-Maramba.mp3 I also have a link to a bunch of sound effects, ambient sound, and voice overs from the game. (Go to Downloads, then Sounds) http://soaworld.rpgplanet.gamespy.com/Index.htm
  12. Thanks guys, thought my thread was long dead, didn't see the other suggestions. I found a song that fits just right for the entire demo reel. It's Street Fighter. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00581/ (I'm starting it at about 45 secs)
  13. Badass! Didn't think I'd see another animator. Well, basically for my longer animations I'm giving them their own songs so the mood goes along with it.
  14. It's getting there, but unfortunately it's too fast. Need something more relaxed. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  15. I'm working on my demo reel right now. I'm a character animator looking to get into the game industry very soon. I need one more song to match one of my animations but can't seem to find one. I need something medium to slow speed and kind of lazy/goofy sounding with high quality sound. I'll be looking, I'll check back later. Thanks.
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