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    Sony PS3

    The trick is that the main processor of the PS2 is included in the PS3. Unfortunately, they're not including the chip that did the sound processing, so they have to write software to mimic its functions. And that software isn't 100% complete yet. I'm not getting a PS3 (ever; I'm avoiding Sony products. Never got a PS2 either.), but I'm reasonably confident that Sony is working on this problem. However, they -never- got the sound quite right for PS1 games on the PS2, so I wouldn't expect perfection. [disagree? compare FFT music between the two systems. There's a difference]
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    Nope - I've never had to commute. All my work has been right on campus. Someone shoot me already, that was pretty horrible. So you're saying that it's never been the case that right on campus, all your work has been?
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    Talk to your professor or someone else in the math department, whichever is more competent for answering this question. No one here will know the exact specifics of what is taught in your class, while a professor will know. Trust me on this. I was a math/econ/stat major in college; talk to someone who can give you an informed opinion. If it -truly- isn't an option, find a TA or an upper-classman that's willing to give you advice.
  4. Does anyone have experience with Sennheiser's 580s or 485s? I'm replacing my work headphones (no bass in the right ear), and I'm undecided between the two.
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