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  1. @MaggotBrain: Heh. Did you ever do the "Legend of Zelda" request? Not asking for the file or anything, just wondering. Also, despite your thoughts, this is a pretty cool song. I don't think I've heard a live Mario song before. Kudos.
  2. I have the Project 5 Trial Version, and with it I have made several songs to test it out (essentially MIDI files with different instruments). I do have Live 5 on disc, but don't use it that much. The only songs I have made with it are a Bonus Stage Theme Remix (link)and a Pacman: Adventures In Time remix (link coming soon) using only samples of the music there. And they both suck, although okay for a first few tries. I'm looking for programs that have good functionality and have a good manual, like I hear FL Studio doesn't.
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