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  1. Hey all. I picked up this game tonight and I seem to be having a problem getting past the first...... tutorial, if you will it says the movement controls and thats it I move Sora, the camera mash R3 a couple times did this for about 5 minutes and nothing else is happening

    has anyone else encountered this?

  2. I'm sure millions of people are pissing themselves with excitement right about now. I however, do not a have a level of excitement that might cause me to relieve myself in my shorts. Played the first game, and just didn't find it to be the godsend so many claim it to be. It was a fun enough game, but in truth, I had a lot more enjoyment from WarCraft III and Diablo II. Regardless, there are a lot of happy people now (who will likely be waiting a very long time yet), and I'm happy for them.

    As I said on .org, wake me if they announce Diablo III.

    something tells me that those of us waiting for Diablo III could be waiting just as long as the people who were waiting for SC2

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