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  1. Teris Block either the I shaped or L shaped one ...... Nuff said
  2. no. Just turning on the PS3 is kicking everyone off the internetz
  3. hey just have a question! does anyone else have a problem with PSN disables your computer(s) from accessing the internet? If so how do you remedy this situation
  4. Hey I was wondering if someone could remix Godot's Theme into a slow jazz like song. You could call its something like "Black and Bitter" here is a link to the song
  5. it started in Canada so why not have it come back to its roots
  6. Hey all. I picked up this game tonight and I seem to be having a problem getting past the first...... tutorial, if you will it says the movement controls and thats it I move Sora, the camera mash R3 a couple times did this for about 5 minutes and nothing else is happening has anyone else encountered this?
  7. I just got a new TV that supports PC hookup (LG30LCD) I followed the hook-up in the manual and it just gives me an invalid format on the TV Screen, anyone got any ideas to why this is happenening
  8. my friend, there is a certain feeling that one gets when they listen to an amazing song, like a chill down the spine as a smile flies across your face. I got this feeling over and over again kudo's
  9. I been thinking about this the last while since its been up. just for curiosity sake, how would Spittin Narsism and Thank You work?
  10. its an awesome piece, I laughed at the name at first because I thought it said, "Shirt skirts Shorter temper" lol
  11. *Kicks TheThoughtfulOne out of his spot in the line* Yoink!, I'll be there before you! lol
  12. lol don't we all.... wait she's not gonna read this thread is she??
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