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  1. you're a fucking douchebag. go away.

    i've deleted alt accounts every single day off of that forum, and most of them trace back to your ip. the only reason i haven't blocked your ip address is because you're immature enough to have your friends spam us.

    this kid sent me a pm over a month ago telling me to not think of him as a noob, and how great he was...but he spelled everything wrong, he used terrible grammar, and he sent the DAMN PM TWICE. after i responded promptly, he responded a few days ago and told me just how dumb i was for thinking that made him a noob. after a MONTH! just a stupid idiot.

    next time i catch your ip on the site, i'll block your ip. which means you'll not be able to dl the files when the time comes that the project is released, especially if we don't block your ip on the site that we mirror from. just go away. no one cares what you think, and the only section of the site that you CAN see isn't one that's got anything of use - it's just got a few tracks in there for *our* discussion...there's two other wip boards that you CAN'T see when you log in for a little bit. i don't even think you can dl the files anyways without the necessary permissions.

    all that said, i wouldn't mind taking the finished tracks and releasing a 15-second-each demo mashup of all the songs. or maybe just the song that damned and i were gonna put together. you know, the psyduck one i wrote but didn't write.

    Heh...To be perfectly honest I have only visited your site twice. I have never registered any accounts and have only looked at what I could see. I havent told any of my friends to bug you in any way either...Besides It would be useless to ban my ip anyhow...I can and will use Jap to bypass it...

    In all honesty, You, have been a complete asshole to me from the start...besides...there are 2 Ip addresses I have used to visit your site...once at my school and once at my home computer...oh and quit trying to make me look n00bish by saying I cant spell or lack proper grammar. Cool your jets people. I only reason I 'put negative tint' on what was going on is because of the fact that there didnt seem to be much going on...I was making an obsevation based upon what the guests could see at the project site and all of the calling for mixes to be finished...I even looked at the first post to see which mixes were done...It seemed like the project had stalled.

    I never mean any offense to you guys but dont think for one minute that I will tolerate being treated with such disrespect.

    Dont blame me for not being able to see the true progress of this project. You are the ones hiding all of the progress.

    You got all pissed off when I did offer to help...and you openly flame me whenever I do reply.

    Whatever happened to polite disagreement and arguing the points? Seriously guys! You need to take a chill pill!

  2. we don't need any opinions on the mixes, we don't need any morons trying to hack their way into the system. please just stay out and we'll finish this project as soon as its finished.

    trust me/us, we ALL want this project to finish. we'll get it done when it's done, and if we leak songs it just winds up making it not as good as it could be.

    I dont plan to hack but i will check in every so often. i wont even bother registering. i only pop in as guest and see how they are working out. and as for the element of surprise i couldnt give a care less about it. Im not going to give opinion on the wips of you dont wanna hear it but i am going to at least peak from time to time to see how things are going.

    anf if i dont like it i will say something like it or not...

  3. The best in that price range would be (not in any particular order, just a list):

    -iRiver Clix

    -Samsung YP-T9 or YP-Z5

    -Apple iPod Nano

    -Creative Zen V Plus

    -SanDisk Sansa Rhapsody

    I'd be happy with any of these.

    i would also suggest the Creative V100/V200

  4. Yeah, that's about right. There's still stuff to do, but it should be out around then.

    EDIT: Also, Prophet of Mephisto and I are working on a joke remix rap song. Expect some poking fun at the cartoon, battle and player clichés, and maybe a few dick jokes.

    Mostly dick jokes.

    *sigh* not funny...

    not funny @ all...

  5. Hi, does anybody know if (and where) I can get power tabs OR guitar pro tabs for Hangarmaggedon by Evil Horde?

    I've basically figured it out, I just need help on the fast bits....

    I'd even go for regular paper tabs, if it comes to that.

    I've been searching across the internet, but I haven't found anything...

    i dont think you will find it anywhere else but here or the artis's sites...

  6. Groove Basin will sadly not be completed, as Rayza experienced a hard drive crash in which he lost the project file.

    If it was completed it would have been on the project...I believe Snapple had to search around to make sure that was the latest version of the WIP to include it with the bonus tracks.

    On a lighter note, I finished my song and it's sitting in the queue. So we'll probably see it in early 2010 by this rate if all goes well.

    O_O 2010! are you serious?!?!?!

    I am sorry to hear that... coudnt he use a hard disk recovery program to get it?

  7. i use a $40 pair of Maxell NC-II noise canceling headphones with closed cabinet. they perform very well...except on real heavy bass

    As far as them being "open' date='" well, they do leak a lot, but if you're in a quiet room, it isn't a problem. Also, it lets you hear any outside noise, or if someone happens to call for you, you won't be totally oblivious to them calling out your name, so I like that. However, for commuting on bus and the like, ANY open can, no matter how expensive, just cannot drown out the noise enough for you to enjoy the music, which means you will most likely pump up the volume to compensate for this and feed your ear dangerous volume levels of music.[/quote']

    That is why i like the closed headphones despite the slight quality degradation. besides a good pair of closed headphones shold be able to compensate for that effect anyway.

  8. Awesome! Is there any ay i can get directions or a link to the already finished songs amd maybe even WIP's so i can put in my 2 cents... if you need such

    anyway i would at least like to hear the finished ones...

    oh and by the way if anyone is doing the Seven island theme from fire red

    someone should definitely tell me about it. it is my favorite RBY remix thus far

  9. I am posting the midi files for this remix and would like to recruit some help on this project which as you should know is my first project ever

    If you wish to join me in this remix feel free to email me at

    Darkmaster2004@operamail.com subject:Overdiven Ocarinas

    this is an instumental rearrangement that feels like a wind symphony...

    it is backed up with a Overdriven guitar as bass and seems to

    sound softer and more flowing than the original arrangement

    In the last Thread ,Which the auto thread killer consumed,i said i didnt have flash drive and the firewall drove me bonkers!I have now remidied those problems and am back in buisines.

    Here are the Links to the midifiles

    Version 1

    and here is version 2:

    Version 2

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