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  1. Heh...To be perfectly honest I have only visited your site twice. I have never registered any accounts and have only looked at what I could see. I havent told any of my friends to bug you in any way either...Besides It would be useless to ban my ip anyhow...I can and will use Jap to bypass it... In all honesty, You, have been a complete asshole to me from the start...besides...there are 2 Ip addresses I have used to visit your site...once at my school and once at my home computer...oh and quit trying to make me look n00bish by saying I cant spell or lack proper grammar. Cool your jets people.
  2. *yawns* this is going nowhere fast... I hope that you ppl decide to listen to poor 'ol prophet yelling at you and get something done...I would hate to see this project die...from what i can see @ the project site there isnt much done...
  3. I dont plan to hack but i will check in every so often. i wont even bother registering. i only pop in as guest and see how they are working out. and as for the element of surprise i couldnt give a care less about it. Im not going to give opinion on the wips of you dont wanna hear it but i am going to at least peak from time to time to see how things are going. anf if i dont like it i will say something like it or not...
  4. hmph...well ill surf on there and see what i can get... if only i could mix i would be on this project like stink on a skunk...
  5. Could you link to the latest public WIP please? and if you need a person to judge a song on its similarity to the original give me a shout
  6. I agree. you could possibly get a WIP here but they may not be working on that one. just post there and ask.
  7. could someone give me a link to the project page so that i can hear this stuff I am a serious pokemon fan and would like to be able to give some positive feedback on this project.
  8. i would also suggest the Creative V100/V200
  9. I'll think about that But don't worry... it would never be shared! (if that's why you're worried...) IMHO, it is one thing to edit a song or some other person's intellectual property for yourself but it is wrong to modify and distribute the work without prior consent of the owner of said work...
  10. just wondering does anybody know approx. when water on the dancefloor is going to be finished? so far it has tuned out to be a vey good remix...
  11. i dont think you will find it anywhere else but here or the artis's sites...
  12. O_O 2010! are you serious?!?!?! I am sorry to hear that... coudnt he use a hard disk recovery program to get it?
  13. i use a $40 pair of Maxell NC-II noise canceling headphones with closed cabinet. they perform very well...except on real heavy bass
  14. This project as a whole is as said b4. Awesome. I cant wait to see the comleted versions of Water On The Dance Floor and Groove Basin.
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