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  1. This track is from the DS game KSS. This was the only version I fould find of it, sorry for the poor quality. Would anyone mind remixing this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzNsrmGfFCU
  2. I can send you that file if that's the problem.
  3. Would it be possible for someone to do a remix of this theme? Thanks, always appreciate it.
  4. Yes, I'll look into as much of it as possible then. seems like I have a daunting task ahead of me.
  5. I don't know what this music theory is, but it's something that I will look up, if that's whats needed for FL. In terms of video tutorials, the only ones that I were able to find, are earlier versions of FL. So in respect to the FL 8, changes were obviously made between 8 and 9, so when I go to check out what the tutorial is stating, sometimes I cannot find the location of what is stated. I have also messed around to figure out what a few things do, and I am looking up guides to try and assist me, but like I just stated, their isn't much to go on when it comes to FL 9, only 8. So I can only do
  6. I'll check out the following. I've checked out video tutorials, but the few that I've found don't got to far into depth, and it's not like I can communicate with the video.
  7. I came here for ASSISTANCE, not a lecture. I have self-taught myself SOME stuff, enough to come up with a crappy, 2 odd minute thing, which wouldn't pass off for music. I'm willing to work hard to learn what I need to, and apparently, the help I'm looking for is elsewhere. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
  8. LoL, collab? I literally just started messing around with it. & I don't even know what I'm doing! I'll put up what I have done on youtube, and link you if you'd like to take a listen.

  9. I would like to know as much as one is willing to teach. I was able to come out with something, by self teaching, but there's just so much to learn. So, with that said, I would in fact like to lean how to... 1) Create music from scratch 2) Take a song and make a mix. Example, take out, add, lengthen, shorten etc... 3) How to use the program to its fullest. I'm always on AIM, so IM me freely, or send me a PM if you're willing to help. Thank you for the positive responses!
  10. I received FL Studio 9. Anyone know how to work it? In other words, I learn better with 1 on 1 help. So if anyone is willing to take the time and effort to help me, that would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. I don't DO video game remixes. I do my OWN stuff. My OWN music. I don't use what others have already made.
  12. For bumping? Wow, if that's truly the case, than what's the point of attempting to re-create a post if they can ban you for the stupidest thing, like maybe spamming a post?
  13. No worries. I'll just make a new one. eventually someone will have the heart to do it.
  14. I'm very persistent, and even more so patient. I can keep this up for very long. As long as it takes. Thanks for the "advice" though.
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