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  1. OMG! Yes they DO! If they don't, someone needs to do it!
  2. TYVM! I guessI shoulda looked, but thank you...
  3. Ok, I used to come to OCR a lot, and I havnt been here in a while, but I had a big question to ask... and it may have been asked before, but I'm not sure. But I wan't to start remixing, and I don't really want to pay for anything (I know that sound pretty lame, but I can't really aford it). Are there any programs like Fruity Loops that are free that I can download (even if I need multiples) to start doing at least slightly good ReMixing? THANKS!
  4. I agree on Zorn and Thorn's Theme, and more mixs of Battle 1, but I really enjoyed Thebattleofstringsandacellphone. If there is a FFIX mix that needs ReReMixing, its Qu's Marsh. I thought that ReMix wasn't as good as the original, and I loved the Original, hoping for some improvements.
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