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  1. One for the real old schoolers: a collection of WIP remixes and weird vocal tracks collected from #ocremix back in the glory days (2002-2003). Includes gems such as "DJ Panda", "CastleHorror", and of course three or four takes on the classic "Starky can Eat a..." http://nwserver.ath.cx/ocremix.tar.gz [108MB] Someone else better host this crap because I'm deleting it in a week or two.
  2. Combine a few programs here. Use something like Noteworthy or Anvil Studio to do MIDI composition on a staff. Then, import the MIDI into the Fruity Loops Demo and apply samples to the tracks there. Or, using Vienna Soundfont Studio you can create your own soundfont and not have to bother with the second program at all. Also, thanks for the clarification on MAGIX Music Studio, Saxman- for that price it's certainly worth checking out! EDIT: Just combed through an old thread about programs for Linux, and added information to the guide concerning Muse, Ardour, Soundtracker and Rosegarden, No
  3. Fair enough, I asked for comments on my guide, thanks for answering. Recommending a $200 piece of hardware in a "Mixing for Free" thread isn't really in the spirit of the guide. The main reason I even mentioned the Sound Blaster at all is for people who still think they can get by with an integrated chip on their motherboard and no real sound card. As you said, it's really only for beginners and people not terribly serious about recording... but if you're reading this guide, it's probably becaus you're a beginner anyway. Thanks for the information, but I'm not sure too many people will h
  4. Very cool, though the violin is quite... how you say... fake sounding.
  5. Apparently there's an XY Controller machine out for Buzz now, made by 7900. I don't know anything else about it, but I will certainly check it out. (from the screenshots, it appears you can choose two parameters and control them with it, but I don't know if formulas can be applied, for instance)
  6. Well, okay. The violin is pretty fake (and actually plays a note below violin range... ) and so is the banjo. And there's a lot of reverse cymbals. BUT - it is still a really cool mix. I listen to it very very frequently. The intonation is really good, it has a catchy beat, I hum it when I walk to class, etc. etc. Check it out. I recommend it.
  7. Updated. Still doesn't have websites, but it does have all the information you guys gave me in the thread (less Xelebes' "I WILL GIVE OUT FREE SAMPLES" posts)
  8. At some point in the near future I'll compile all your responses into the guide (giving credit where it's due) and add a brief section in "Trackers" on Paragon 5's Gameboy tracker. Also I will add URLs for each program listed above so people can be even lazier and not even have to Google for the downloads. EDIT: I used to look for Linux software, but in vain. I did locate a couple MIDI composers (that I can't recall the names of) and some sort of DJing program called TerminatorX that I never did learn how to use. If anyone has any experience at all using free Linux music software, please
  9. Actually, yes, a reply recommending a $250 piece of software is not exactly in tune with the spirit of this guide.
  10. Last updated Mar. 27, 2003. Recent Changes: New Mac section, much more Linux info. Removed a little useless information for stupid programs. Some stuff "confirmed". Please recommend more Mac programs. DISCLAIMER: This is not the end-all-be-all guide to free mixing programs. Yet. However if you know something about a program that I don't, feel free to post information about it and I'll check it out and possibly add it to the guide if it's deemed "of any use whatsoever." Don't expect this guide to teach you how to mix. Its primary goal is to show people what options they have as far as fr
  11. Bump. This thread is one of two still containing RuneLancer's posts.
  12. Boo hoo. It's not the samples that make this song. It's the great arranging. Sorry, we can't all own GigaStudio.
  13. Why yes, I believe you're on to something. You've just linked us to the original game music. This here would be a remix. Can you believe it?
  14. The term is "GM", for General Midi (in reference to the sample quality, most likely), not "midiish", which could mean a whole lot of things.
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