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  1. Like any good nerd who grew up through the end of the 80's and beyond, I love 8-bit music. Sometimes, simply nothing beats it. Zelda, Contra, you know you love it. But, sometimes the theory behind it seems like an ancient science, or something blocked by the Chinese government. There is almost no information to be found on this old method of songwriting that has as much to do with composing as it did programming! I've been trying to study 8-bit composers. Can any one in the community help me find some resources that would allow me to follow (in theory) the practices of a vgm programmer, what a day in the life would be like? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks a lot for the responses! There's nothing prohibiting me from buying a digital piano, except that I already have great samples I spent good money on for composing. I guess I wanted to capitalize on that purchase. And, if it's the fully-weighted action that causing the steep prices and extra features, I guess I might as well just go with a Semi-Weighted. It's a pretty big improvement over my velocity sensitive "flat keys". The M-Audio Keystation 88es looks pretty good. When you're poor, you can't have all the nice things This should probably do me well, or something very similar. Thanks again for all of the help.
  3. Well, again, I'm not looking for an audio interface, simply a MIDI controller. The CASIO CDP-100 looks like a great value, but it's a digital piano, which isn't really what I'm aiming for. Thanks for the help, but is there anything that fits what I'm looking for a little more closely?
  4. Thank you for the reply! But, these are both a bit full featured for what I am looking for. The device I am looking for is just a plain keyboard. Thank you for the suggestions though.
  5. I'm having some trouble finding a MIDI keyboard that meets my specifications. I use a lot of digital sounds via VST, so what I'm looking for is not a workstation or digital piano, but rather, something that would allow me to play the piano samples I have through USB to my computer. The main reason I am buying this is to play and practice the piano, so it's ideal that the controller have the same characteristics of a piano. This means 88 full-sized, fully weighted keys. Other than that, it doesn't need MPCs or anything fancy. Just a plain MIDI controller. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for a controller that will fit my needs? I don't have a huge budget, but I can't imagine something so simple and feature-less being too incredibly expensive. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hmmm. No one's done this in the community? haha. I did some more research into this cool thing called a midi controller. Good one's run about $500 (better than a good keyboard which is $3000 easy). The difference is that a midi controller is sort of like a stripped keyboard. There are no samples built in, and the only think you can do with it without a computer is beat your head off of it. But, it also has more buttons and a better interface for computer use, be it real time, or in the studio. Also, looking into computers, Macbook Pro, or Mac Pro seem to be the way to go. Anything with lots of ram! Being a windows user, this will be quite the jump. Still, if anyone has any help concerning the original post, or feedback on this one... I still need help! -E
  7. Ok, so I'm working on "living the dream", so to speak. I've "struck up the band" and we've played good music together. I sing as well as play guitar and keyboard. The first two are relatively simple when it comes to performance and/or recording (I generally use adobe audition for recording of guitar and vocals). As you can imagine, I write my own keyboard parts, and all of the "theory" aspects to our recorded demos. I have performed before as a guitarist/vocalist. No big deal, plug the stuff in, set up the pedals... I'm ready to go. But... I've never performed keyboard on stage. While having access to a Grand Piano would be great, I don't. Also, a grand piano unfortunately can't simulate the effects I use in the recordings. Ultimately... I am at a loss! I was curious if anyone could offer some help, or perhaps a point in the correct direction to find help. As for what I've already looked at, I thought that Native Instruments Kore 2 might be what I was looking for. It has a large selection of samples, hardware, and I've have good experiences with NI in the past. Plus, I can use the VSTs that I already use. Only... this is where the confusion comes in. Let me explain where I'm confused. (skip this part if you'd just like to, graciously, supply some general help) I use a Line6 TonePort KB37 audio interface for recording and midi sequencing. If I wanted to play live, would I have to hook the Line6 into my (crappy) laptop, load up FL Studio, load my samples, and then play? If this is the case... what if FL Studio crashes on me, as it sometimes does (that would be embarrassing!)? My latency isn't always the best, and it would sound choppy (the answer there is probably to get a new laptop... huh? even though this one is pretty much brand new ><). The problem there seems to be that I'd need to bring a laptop, and my junky keyboard to stage. (don't get me wrong, I love it... for recording in the studio). If I were to use Kore 2, would I have to have my laptop, plus the Kore hardware, plus my Line6? And how would I hook it into the venue's speaker systems? Ahh!... As you can see, I have no idea what I am or should be doing! I've tried to research it on the internet, but I haven't found anything. o_o If I need to buy equipment (a new keyboard/other hardware), so be it. I have a bit of money set aside for this exact purpose. I'm also content with "playing" the things that I've already written (I assume... I'd hit a button, and it would play... of course, timing and computer lag is an issue... I think!) The point is, I'm at a complete loss, and I apologize for this frantic, lengthy post. Any help of any kind will be greatly appreciated, whether it's a suggestion of a helpful book, website resource, or if you can explain it to me right here. Thanks again, OCRemix friends.
  8. Ok, I've been doing some work and researching of and about remixing. All I have really done so far is play around with FL Studio 6 and the sounds that it provides. I am also in the process of getting books on music theory, etc., which I am hoping will teach me how to create original work (the OCR judges seem to be big on that, for one, and two, that's what I think my remixes are lacking: good original work). Now onto my questions. (Know that I have never worked with electronic audio hardware before) I have an electronic keyboard for which I have recently purchased a USB/MIDI cable. This is so that I can use my keyboard to make music. Is this right, or did I go about it wrong? Second, I read the interesting post that Souliarc provided about the microphones. A microphone would be used for the recording of live instruments (a drum set, an acoustic guitar, vocals), but I don't need it for a keyboard or electric guitar, right? Can I just hook those to the computer? I don't know anything in this arena. Third, Souliarc you also tell me to get a preamp/mixer. Doing some homework, I have found that a preamplifier is, basically, to make what you record with your mic louder and better. Is this correct? So in a sense, I would hook my mic to the preamp, which would be hooked to the computer, and get good sound, or am I wrong? Also, a mixer, is that also called a Mixing Console? I looked that up on Froogle and found some items ranging from $50-$2,500. Is this what everyone is talking about when they say "mixer" and what does it do? Thank you, I have to run, but am looking forward to hearing your replies.
  9. Ok, will do! I also downloaded the FL Studio demo version and made some cool stuff (not worthy of a full remix yet, though...). So, thanks for all of your help!
  10. Ok, well, Thank you! I reread that Virt message, and began to understand it better. Souliarc, thank you for your point in the general direction. I don't know if you understand how much that really did help me! Thank all of you for your tips. As Always, Elysianhero
  11. I see. Well, I, rather unofrtunately, don't know who Virt is. I kinda do now, I guess. Either way, I didn't really understand what I read. I'll read it over again, though. Thanks for the help!
  12. Not sure what that means, or if it even has anything to do with me... Could be virtual quotes?
  13. Hello reader, I , as unfortunate as it is to say, am a beginner-to-be at remixing (I know what your thinking: Oh no! Not another newb message from someone who has never remixed!). I have listened to OCRemix for almost 2 years, and I have recently came in contact with the FFVII OST and decided to check out some remixes. As I listened, I challenged myself. Why can't I do this? Well, one reason is because I have no idea what I am doing. I can't play any instruments. I've never done it before! So after being discouraged for a while, I decided to look at OCRemixes tutorials, then the Forums. Well, I am really interested now. (Yeah, yeah, I know... quit yappin'! Get to the good stuff!) I truely would like to get into this interesting job. I have looked up software on the forums, but didn't get too far. So, what should I do for software (obviously I have a computer!) or equipment? Now, you don't have to be too detailled. I'm sure the knowledge comes with time. I would just like some pointers to get me in the right direction... or maybe just pointed in the right direction? Either way, I do thank you for reading this unattractive, long, newb post and for possibly considering responding. And you thought I'd ask "Teach me how to remix!" or something... didn't you. Admit it! With my Best Regards, Mike Waite (Elysianhero)
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