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  1. i think i know how to make it, vocal with pitch problems, using AutoTune Speed parameter set to 0. thanks all your helps If i'm rite, this is called The "Cher Effect"??
  2. re Yoozer: Thank you for your time to explain for each term in detail, also for the recommendation i'm sorry that i just know a little knowledge on remixing re: Zephyr thanks for your explanation too re: Nicole thanks for helping me to find out the demo, and the recommendation re: big giant so i can use Autotune to do the same voice effect as the song?
  3. I recently heard some songs which the vocal's voice edited with a effect like "phrase" or "delay" or "chorus". Such as a song from Sonic the hedgehog(PS3) called "02 DREAMS OF AN ABSOLUTION".... I just want to know is there any software can edit this kind of voice effect and do you guys have any recommeded vocal voice editing software? i used cool edit pro but it seems not enough to make the sound like studio recording Please help
  4. actually i don't know how to use Virtual bassist in FLs. It didn't follow the notation i made. damn....not to mention the complicated cracking of the software
  5. is it better to buy a tiny mixer between guitar and computer?
  6. your english is amazing. btw ghettoflame i think he just wants a bass guitar sound. http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1372.html the best bass guitar emulation i know of. haha, realpolitik, i can feel your "appreciation". by the way, how can i get it for free legally?
  7. i wonder which bass is the best for u guys, esp in FLs in FLs, i don't really know which bass is more like a bass guitar. even i used the generator called bass guitar, the sound seems to be far away from the real bass guitar, which is rough and noise. can somboday give me a suggestion of bass?
  8. i 've just download the VST file, but i don't know how to use it in FruityLoops. Can somebody helps me? is it put in a channel to use? or treat as effect?
  9. so, if i use this drum kit, i still have to add some effect to make it Rock? also, how can i separate the snare, kick drum etc. with different extent of effects in NS_kit7? is it input 2 times of NS_kit7 and each NS_kit7 is responsible snare and kick drum respectively?
  10. Try this one:http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=7951, it's the best acoustic drum-soundfont I've heard. atfer i input the sf2 file, why i can't hear any sound even i click on the virtual keyboard in FLs?
  11. um, if i want to specify 1 instrument's sound goes "up and down" how to do it? i just made all stuff 's sound go up and down together only Just for future reference, when the pitch goes "up and down", its called vibrato. You might want to brush up on some musical terms to communicate a little clearer. No problem, though. yea, that's exactly wt i mean, got a new term, thnak you
  12. which soundfont or other sound file of drumkit likes a Rock Band style? i mean, when u r listening Green Day, the drum sounds, especailly the snare that i want to make. i 've tried other drumkit file, no one likes that band sound
  13. um, if i want to specify 1 instrument's sound goes "up and down" how to do it? i just made all stuff 's sound go up and down together only
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