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  1. Hey everyone. I'm in the market to buy an audio interface and some mics. Right now, i'm looking at the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface and the MXL 770 condesnor mic. Does anyone have any experience with these 2 products that would like to give their 2 cents on them for me? Thank you
  2. https://soundcloud.com/derajium/never-be-the-one This is my original song Never Be The One The original name that i had just tagged to the first WIP was Kyoto, due to the initial japanese instrument in the beginning of the song, that goes throughout the piece, but then on addition of vocals, changed the title to Never Be The One. I hope you enjoy, comments and feedback greatly appreciated.
  3. http://www.playerselect.org/Juststay11.mp3 Ok, this is my first real attempt to get back into making music. It is a rough WIP, unmastered, so volume levels will be off, I just wanted to post the generic feel of the song for yall to listen to, and get feed back on what yall think. I'd say it fits into the techno/electronica genres best. Feedback please, thank you
  4. Ok well here is another variable to throw in. Its not on ALL speakers it sounds like this. FL studio will play the vocals just fine. Headphones play the vocals just fine. My $99 sony stereo plays the vocals just fine, my phone, ipod nano 5th gen and my dads stereo, when all played without headphones, sounds crap vocals. I dont think its to do with sound waves. It sounds like a worn out cassette tape. Since it seams like i've heard this vocal thing on some of those as well.. It just seems that one certain speakers, the vocals sound nasty. Low volume, girgly, very bad. But they arent. They sound crisp clean clear on headphones, in or out of FL studio. Thats what makes me want to think its a rendering problem. All song vocals i recorded are good through headphones, but depending on speakers, it could sound good, or bad. I've heard that some speakers push more power than others that boost the signal or the vocals. My phone and ipod nano speakers, will play other music that has vocals just fine.. Clean loud and crisp, so i know those devices arent defective. Its just the music I render with FL. And only those songs, that I use 2 mic recordings.. Is ASIO some how messing up the 2 recordings during render? When I get home I'm going to try some more extensive troubleshooting.
  5. Hey everyone. Been a while since i posted here.... anyways... I am using FL studio, with my samson CO1U mic, and asio plugin, to record vocals to my songs. I have 3 songs I made. The first uses VST's and 2 vocal tracks, (melody and harmony) and when played back on speakers, the vocals sound very distant, and quiet, yet when I listen to them on headphones, they are louder, (like they should be when i recorded it) The second song, uses 2 tracks recorded with mic. An acoustic guitar, and vocals. (only melody) the guitar actually sounds fairly ok, but again the vocals are low and quiet in volume, and sound really bad (kind of like under water, or i'm drowning.) but when listening through head phones, its good. they are loud, or equal volume with guitar (like they are suppose to be) The third song was just a quick record so I dont forget it and i can rerecord it better later, so its just one track mic recording of both acoustic and vocals (pretty much like a live recording on one track) When played through the speakers, it sounds normal like when i listen to it through the headphones. Vocals are clear. It seems like something happens, when I try to record 2 mic tracks. When I listen to it in FL with headphones, sounds perfect.. I love it.. when i put it on ipod and listen with headphones love it, but when I listen to it on some speakers, it just sounds distant, watery, like i'm drowning on 20 gallons of water. Is this a problem with my mic? ASIO drivers? Something when formatting to mp3? Please help me out. I'm wanting to cut an album, but I cant if I make one and the people listening, cant hear the words.... Thanks...
  6. Kanthos. My dearest apologies... I opened up an old project I made before I did all this reinstalling... at a time where I thought it was working properly. And when I looked at the piano roll, to my surprise, its doing the same thing it is now. I guess I just didnt pay too close attention.. But its just weird though, that I get a different effect when playing 'live' using the standalone player from EWQLSO. And yes, after you explained a few things, and realizing it, that I guess it just isnt something the controller can do, but manually, fl studio can do it. well. I thank you all for your help, and helpful information.
  7. Ok, let me help rephrase everything... In flstudio, in the piano roll. If I make 1 note really long, at the highest velocity, then over lap that note, with one starting on a different beat, and a softer velocity. I can hear the effect just fine. The first note continues on, like its suppose to in the piano roll, while you also hear the 2nd note in the background. But when I try to do this from my yamaha, it cuts off the first note. From a recording aspect, when I record the midi keys I play. If i hit a note down, while holding the sustain pedel it should write it in the piano roll as a holding note, untill i release my foot from the pedel. But what it is doing is when I hold the sustain pedel and consistently hit the same note, in the piano roll, it stops, then starts the note again. The thing is, I can achieve the effect I want, I would just have to do it manually now, (which isnt how it always use to be) So what i'm asking isnt going beyong the capability of flstudio. For some reason, the midi controller is releasing the first note, when it shouldnt.
  8. Well, then that should be told to EWQLSO. I just re-installed it, and the piano that comes with the silver package, in the standalone program, it does this effect. But when I load it as a vst in flstudio, it doesnt do it anymore. And aside from realism to non-realism. The fact is, with the same keyboard as my midi controller, and the same vst EWQLSO (in standalone, and in flstudio) play 2 different ways. It just seems to me that one of them is doing it wrong, and for some reason I want to lean toward flstudio, since this occurs with other vsts as well, inside flstudio. If anyone knows about this, and if there is a way to fix it, please share. Thank you
  9. Hi everyone. For some reason the last time I had this loaded on windows xp it worked fine. but stupid me wanted windows 7. after a headache of everything with my EWQLSO install with win7, I moved back to xp, thinking i would come back to the enjoyment i was once at.. I use fl studio 8, and am using a Yamaha DGX-505 as my midi controller. <<("Problem")>> My problem is, when I play a sustained note on my controller, and then press the same note (while still all the time holding down the sustain peddle), it cuts the first note's sustain off, and restarts the note again, as if there was never a previous note being sustained. Like some kind of override. The sustain works with multiple notes that are not the same key. For example I can sustain a whole chord, or going up a scale. Its just as soon as i hit a note that is already sustain, it cuts it off, and replays it, losing my previous sustain. So if i'm playing piano sound, and i hit a really LOUD note, but want some trailing soft notes of that same note, its impossible for me to get the sustains to hold. sounds like if I'm not holding the sustain peddle at all. Is there anyone out there that can help me... please...
  10. I still think this song has potential. its just.. Is it just me or do I rarely hear the main tune. I heard it a little at the end but very quietly, I always expected it to just really start going with the main tune, just letting it fly, but to me it sounded like the whole song was a progression to something that never came... shorten the intro I think, piano is nice, but dont do it again with the synth and piano, either try to work the synth into the first part. To me it seemed like you had most of it on repeat. and changed some instruments around a bit, to give it a different feel here and there.
  11. ok just uploaded new version, now its fixed. Enjoy
  12. Ok, sadly my mind is starting to wander on this one been toying around with a couple other starfox tunes in my head also, and was thinking of maybe tagging a different source tune to the end of this one to transition into, but still not sure.. On this version, I took a little advise, and made the timpani beat less when its first introduced, and I tried to make a somewhat transition... into the brass... anyway, not sure if I have anything left in me for this one, so not sure if I should rap it up, or put another repeat in there for a little more length and then cut it. but enjoy. (edit) just listened to the mp3 and it cuts off for some reason after the brass, so going to try and re compile.
  13. it has potential. I like how the beginning started off, and just expected it to go a whole different direction than it did. I think you should try and stick with one style, it seems like it just randomly jumps around too much, and doesnt focus on one setting. keep expecting it to break out, when it just shifts to something else. its like if you were listening to the radio, and every station was playing the same song at the same time, but in different genres and just kept flipping back and forth, I couldnt really follow it. Just keep working at it, it does have potential.
  14. Ok well, I will kind of admit, I sort of added the next part on hastily, so any kind of criticism is good, but either way, enjoy.
  15. Thanks, next thing I'm going to add in the brass. I'm excited. For years i've wanted to do a corneria remix, and finally this one actually sounds promising.
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