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  1. Trust me guys, I looked all over this forum for an answer to my problem. I read all of the pinned threads about rules and things, and thought this was the most appropriate medium to ask the question because the FL101 topic is sooo overcrowded and should probably be made into a subforum. With my problem, I downloaded ASIO4ALL like zircon suggested. The problem with the program is that I cannot playback my loops or any audio samplings while in fruity loops. I looked in the manual for ASIO4ALL without any explanation. Also, I now cannot switch audio sources in fruity loops from ASIO4ALL to Directsound, etc. I also tested my memory with no problems at all. I really don't understand what's going on here, i'm usually able to solve any computer problem thrown at me. Thanks again, Ajcomp70
  2. Hey guys, I have been using my newly purchased FL Studio 6 for about a week now, and i've had some major set backs because of a freezing problem. Many times when I drag an instrument over into the channels, my cursor will freeze halfway between the browser and the channel listing, and so will my whole computer. I've tried as far as a clean windows installation and reinstall. This happens with every type of instrument too: Soundfonts, Sytrus,and other FL instruments. Any help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated, Im really looking foward to actually being able to get down and mix. Thanks, Ajcomp70 Im using Windows XP SP2 on an Athlon XP Series Processor with 512Mb of ram.