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  1. Coolness. I like your take, definitely more 90s sounding I found myself picturing something like Wipeout, so this isn't *entirely* the wrong forum, eh?
  2. I'm really a fan of System Shock's sound design and music. Great stuff for 1999. If you want I could break the two sections of this into discreet songs, so you could have "scary futuristic lab" on repeat and then when you change areas it could go to "scary fantasy steam dungeon" on repeat.
  3. Yeah, I should use some compression. I think the sample-bank is pretty quiet and I didn't know how to do that back then. I used Renoise, which is like a modern version of Fast Tracker... and a set of VST instruments for the samplebank. Er, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, I think. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Hey there. I'm a newb to this forum, and this is an old remix I did while fooling around with a piece of software I wasn't very familiar with at the time. But it was just sitting around gathering dust, so I figure I'd post it somewhere to get some listens and possibly some advice! http://www.zath.org/Releases/zath_ss2_medsci_remix.mp3 Thanks.
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