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  1. Hey Rexy, is that a coincidental or intentional reference to Brinstar Green from Super Metroid in "Summoning of Spirits"? (Mostly 1:31 to 1:47ish, since that piano progresses from that point on.) Just curious; it popped out at me the first time I listened through the album.
  2. Man, this took so long to come out that I went from lurker to finally registering to lurker again. Ironically cyclical. (EDIT: Look, it's been so long that my signature is broked'd. Aw.) Still, it was well worth the wait. Congrats, guys/gals.
  3. I have the same hope too, but if Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology is any indication, we might be in trouble. Scott Menville (Lloyd) and Kari Wahlgren (Raine) were replaced by Brian Beacock and Tara Platt (Tara was Noir/Nebilim in Tales of the Abyss, among many other things) respectively. However, everybody's favorite -- Cam Clarke, as Kratos -- was still around, as was Genis' original VA. Considering TotW:RM wasn't one of the main games in the series, there's still a chance they'll bring the heavy hitters back in. Either way, as Rexy said, the replacements are generally capable enough to
  4. I'd love to contribute some kind of activity beyond more "boy, really looking forward to this" posts, but unfortunately I've got nothing. Hey, I can give the illusion of activity; that has to count for something!
  5. Seems like it is just you. This time. Just my luck. lol It's finally back up for me at home though, so I guess I can't complain. Never had trouble with it at work. By the way, if people here enjoyed Symphonia and you're not playing Tales of the Abyss, you have issues. Just sayin'.
  6. Site seems to be down. Could just be me though.
  7. Best of wishes. On the plus side, if the biggest problem you end up having is that PC is blocking SoS's release, you're in pretty good shape. At least at that point all the tracks will be done and rarin' to go.
  8. Merci. That would explain why I didn't recognize the part in the middle; Eternia's the only one I haven't played. I figured it had to be from that.
  9. The new preview is pretty tight. There is one other thing that's going to help with the wait: Tales of the Abyss. October 10th can't come soon enough. On an unrelated (and probably already covered somewhere else in this massive thread) note, has anybody else heard the 10th anniversary battle track from Abyss' OST? It's called Everlasting Fight, and is pretty solid if unspectacular. Both Tales of Destiny and Tales of Phantasia's battle themes were redone, along with one I didn't recognize. You can check it out here: (EDIT: Linking to copyright soundtrack files is not allowed on this site.
  10. Bumped for at least moderate justice. Maybe as high as great. Kyle, does the logjam of OCR1500 and Project Chaos' release mean this potentially could get pushed until around Christmas time? Obviously I have no control of this whatsoever, just wondering. EDIT: Apparently I was about an hour premature about the answer to part of this question (see: OCR1500).
  11. I like it, particularly the guitar at 1:20. Somehow it's having the opposite effect and making the wait more tolerable. Knowing that more like this is on the way makes it easy to be patient.
  12. I'm colorblind, kid. I forgot to mention before, but Lea also deserves props for the nifty project trailer that was posted like 10 pages ago now.
  13. Please refrain from touching the Post Reply button again until the project is released. Please. Kyle, been following this thread as a lurker for about a year now, and things really look like they're shaping up nicely. Keep up the good work. (This is also from a guy who used to live in Phoenix before he ran away from the heat to Flagstaff, so props for that.)
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