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  1. EDIT: Okay, I figured out that the damp and damp time are linked to 'Fruity Peak Controller' but it still doesn't explain how that guitar sound is being produced. I mean, all the children are 'silent'... I have FL Studio Producer Edition 6.0.8 and in the 'Cool stuff' folder there was a song named Tesseract. I've been trying hard, but I just can't figure out how the guitar works. First of all, Why does the volume of a note in the damp and damp time channels affect the Guitar layer? What sort of advanced technique is being used here. I don't understand. Next, When I click on the Guitar layer and 'Show Children', it shows all the children. But whenever I try to play a note in any one of these 'children', I barely hear anything. Yet when I play a note in the guitar layer, there's this awesome guitar sound. What the heck? Where is the guitar sound coming from if none of the children make any sounds? I don't understand this concept. Hope someone can enlighten me... Thanks, Dalal
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