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  1. What song didn't you like the vocals in? Most people seem to like the ones in Midnight Express. I kind of figured I'd get a lot of crap because I don't have a soaring post count. And in reply to "The Damned", if you don't believe me that he's in the group or something like that, just look at the pics on myspace and look under the band info. He's cleary in there. I'm talking about this on here because he's been very busy with work and such lately and doesn't have time to get on here. I'm pretty much speaking on his behalf. Don't be haters people. I was hoping I wouldn't get flamed for this topic but maybe I will. Whatever. I'm not exactly in the mood for pissy elitist bullshit. I am just kindly asking some open minded people to check out our stuff. Thanks again
  2. Hey everyone. How are you all? Some of you may know my friend who goes by the name of "Cerrax". He did a Shadow of the Colussus remix for this site. Anyhow, we work together to make music under the name "Immutable System". Our music is not easy to describe. It's techno/industrial/orchestral/whatever the hell we want. Lol. Well please share your feelings about the music. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you! Our myspace
  3. Hey everyone. My band mate and I have encountered a terrible problem with our version of Fl Studio 7. We had to change the audio settings for recording Symphonic Choirs with Word builder. So basically what happened is now I can't record with my mic using my preamp. When I try to record with it, FL freezes and makes this awful glitchy noise and I have to ctrl+alt+delete. My Midi settings are also all messed up. When I try to record with my midi keyboard, only the first note played is recorded. Someone please help.. we were finally going to finish the vocals on our 4th song tonight and FL shat out on us. Thank you so much This is my audio settings This is my Midi settings
  4. Hey, how do I submit songs on here? I've remixed a few songs and I want to put them on here. I'm working on more too.