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  1. DJAnubis


    nah, I'm just saying, fuck it, I can't get support, I can't get mirrors, I can't get hosting, this is running off of my server in my house, I need not run it if I can't get viewers. by the way, I'm still playing my radio station at http://invizions.shacknet.nu:8000/listen.pls
  2. DJAnubis


    that's kind of what I was thinking on that first post by "The Damned", plus, why is this topic still active, it seems as if people care a bit too much about their own opinions and life stories to just leave a topic alone. P.S. it's not like I'm actually doing it just straight OCRemixes, they are still there, but I've got alot more songs and such to listen to.
  3. DJAnubis


    good for you? I'd love to, but how to do that on my pirate radio station, I'm not sure. I'll be looking for sponsors, but how do YOU get paid?
  4. DJAnubis


    dude that's not everyone I've got plenty of friends that want to hear certain songs, but fuck it, I don't need it, I'm taking the idea off the drawing board, thanks for making me realise how useless this thing is, I'll just go back to doing my radio show with no ties to OCR, if you're really that cocky to think that everyone in the world can afford a new harddrive, alright, whatever, but I don't, about 15 of my friends can't, so, bai, see you later, I'll be streaming as long as I can. tune in to Invizion FM 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  5. DJAnubis


    woot, well I've got one listener, I'm sure that will change, but yeah, it's pretty much for all the people I know that have no HD space and want to hear certain OCRemixes
  6. DJAnubis


    Live Request OCRadio, now up and running (not 24/7, but close) anyways, the idea is to give people an opporotunity to listen to thair favorite ocremixes. just listen in at http://invizions.shacknet.nu:8000/ and request either on enterthegame.com #ocradio or message DJAnubis thanks!
  7. hey, I haven't posted in a long while, I forget things, if this needs to be moved, feel free thanks for the upl, nice sounding trumpet, I can tweak it to sound more "mariachi-like"
  8. I cant seem to find VSTs like I used to anymore, I've been looking for a good trumpet one, or one that sounded like a mariachi-style trumpet. I'm trying to make a remix of the Boss Battle theme from Great Battle Gaiden 2 thx! -Aurora, AKA DJAnubis
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