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  1. I am getting tired of people using the word "waste".

    Though a human life lost early is tragic, it is by no means a "waste".

    I don't know, just the word being used is just not kosher with me.

    I'm inclined to agree. Calling someone's death "a waste" implies to me that their talents were squandered on meaningless pursuits when they could have been better applied elsewhere. Clearly, that is not the case here.

    Of course, I think it's pretty clear that nobody that has used the word "waste" in this thread has meant it in that sense. That being the case, it would be wasteful to argue about it. =)

  2. Ummm...I'm not really sure what to say. This is a horrible piece of news.

    Damn it.

    If any kind of gift package is ever compiled for his family, I'd be glad to donate some money.

    PS: I checked out some of his anime remixes via the links that were posted here, and for those of you that are into highly expository piano pieces, I'd definitely recommend his Rurouni Kenshin remix. Of course, they're all more or less good. He had an outstanding body of work.

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