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  1. I have trouble getting online before 12:30 - 1:00 in the morning (translation: fiancé) MDT, so will there ever be anyone online at that time? Either that, or I could be on from 9:00 to 11:00 am MDT on weekdays. Just a heads up...
  2. I'd like to be added to the ol' Clan OCR for some Halo 2 action. My gamertag is Bonerbot (I think I requested to be added some time before, but due to a series of circumstances, I wasn't able to do anything with it, and the invitation went away), but I won't be online for a few days until finals are over. Anyway, I look forward to being slaughtered.
  3. This is the sort of topic that should have it's own thread in the OCA HQ.
  4. As the new Director of Internal Affairs, I must request that all messages pertaining to the security of your individual nations and the alliance as a whole be sent via the OverClocked Alliance Headquarters found here. This will help to ensure that any sensitive information regarding the actions and procedures of the OverClocked Alliance will remain within the OCA. Thank you.
  5. Woot! 1000 citizens! It's about time, I know. I'm planning on saving up for a bank unless someone can suggest something else (I'm looking in your direction, falchion...) EDIT: I also changed my nation's bio so now I show up in the alliance list. Again: woot!
  6. Oh, but my happiness is 22. the last rumor I heard was that the highest ever is 24...
  7. So, I don't know if this counts as cheating or not, but you can jump your taxes up to, like 25% right before you collect taxes, then drop them to happier levels right after, and your happiness goes right back. I've only done it twice, but I've noticed no ill short-term effects. Your thoughts?
  8. Stupid wireless... I'm having trouble connecting my XBox (basement) to my wireless Linksys router (main floor). Sometimes it works pretty well, sometimes it's choppy, sometimes it won't even connect. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can boost my wireless signal?
  9. I propose we go wacky with the titles. The head of the government, for example, could be "Head Chef," and the different councils could be Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, or meals or something. That way, we could totally talk in code!
  10. Yeah, two to three months sounds good. That way, the elections are regular enough that no one forgets that they're coming (I forget every elections year! ) but they're spaced far enough apart that they seem like they're actually important. Do we want to write in any term limitations, i.e. limits on how many terms in a row one nation can hold a specific office? I propose -- depending on how long we decide a term is -- six months. And I nominate (or second the nomination, rather) supremespleen for our...president? PM? Whatever we decide. Man, creating a nation and alliance is hard. Now I kn
  11. Cool. My GT is Bonerbot (I'm still not sure why Bungie allowed it as a gamertag...), but I'm currently a part of another clan. Can I be a part of two clans? If not, do I have to cancel my membership with them first, or will it automatically cancel my membership with the first one when I accept the second?
  12. I think it's pretty good. Just about everything in it was going to be unspoken agreements (unwritten laws, if you will) anyway, but getting it out in the open is better. If we were going to operate in that way anyway, it doesn't harm anyone in our alliance to have it written down. The only thing I can see in Falchion's contract that I hadn't thought about (even though it actually makes up the bulk of his suggestion) were the alliance and war councils. But they really make sense. I assumed we'd have some sort of democratic or republican leadership (that's "democratic" as in every nation has
  13. Perhaps this is extremely late to join in the thread(it being on the 102nd page, and all), but are you still accepting people into the clan? My Halo 2 skillz are somewhat less than spectacular, but I enjoy a good game. I was level 15 until six consecutive losses (three of which weren't my fault; think three dumbasses who get thrills out of assassinating and sticking their own teammates and committing suicide just to drive their team's score down, and another group of bastards that join a game, commit suicide a lot, then leave the fourth guy to deal with it) on Team Slayer dropped me to 11.
  14. I dunno, it seems good to me. Maybe something saying we won't sell out members of our alliance for membership in another or money or anything else. Some kind of "Anti Benedict Arnold" clause. If said clause is violated, they forfeit any claims they had to any benefits of being in the OCRA (obviously), and become the immediate enemy of the OCRA, subjecting themselves to immediate annihilation (if they haven't yet become a member of another alliance, of course). That's my only suggestion. Falchion, can you make any?
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