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  1. Well the time is getting near and I was hitting random keys on my keyboard and somehow got to be this song...I literally just started this song about 45 minutes ago, being that it's 10:02 AM EST. This song isn't complete at all. Tell me what you all think of it so far. http://jamwif.us/music/The%20Snow%20Factory.mp3
  2. It's a little something I've been working on. Backstory: I had a final project due for my Humanities class, the prof said to do anything creative. So, I went ahead and created a song . I made a simple song laid some beats down and threw in some strings. I received an A for the project! After that, I started to tinker with the song and now this is what it has become. O Submitted to Humanities Class Version O Work In progress... The song is only 1:20, but I'm still working on the backbone of the song. I haven't written anymore to it yet... Feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've decided to rework the song. I'm going to change the instruments and give a groove feel to it. Give me a little time. I also do agree that the drum is a little bland, I'm also working on all of that too.
  4. I don't know what happened, but all of my settings for all of my plug-ins are messed up...All of my presets are gone. Trying to fix ATM...
  5. I'm not totally sure if this song should be completed... It feels like it's not done, but it also feels like its all finished. I don't know what to call it either....Give it a listen and tell me any adjustments I should make and tell me if it sounds complete. http://puredeviation.com/djphe/Schala_wip.mp3 -- Dj Phe
  6. I've finished the song! Check it out, feedback please.
  7. Haha, yeah I couldn't think of anything else to add to the Magus song, so I put it away for a while. Thanks for the advice. So I turned down the volume a little bit on the electronic part, and added some LFO to it, OMG sounds spectacular! Also about the reverse cymbals, I didn't know what to use for a transition, so I repeatedly used the Reverse Cymbals. I changed that though, instead of using the R.Cymbals, I just added some claps and hats for the transition. I'll post the tweaked version later...
  8. Info and link on my site. http://djphe.jtymes.net/archives/19
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