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  1. At the Playstation Network, do you need a wireless router to download games for the PSP?

    For example, I want to purchase Crash Bandicoot, which they have available for PSP. I just have no clue how to get it or anything. I have my PSP connected via USB cable.

    Do I need to do this using the PSP's web browser, or do I possibly need a PS3 to do this?

  2. Well I'm in Windows Media Player.

    It shows 5 different places to send it to:






    My first try, I sent the songs to PSP, didn't work.

    I just tried MP3, still doesn't show songs in the music menu.

    And now I have only 98MB left on my Memory Stick...

  3. Anyone else having iPod problems?

    I got a silver nano.

    It froze yesterday so I left it overnight and it unfroze in the morning.

    It froze today about 5 hours ago and is still frozen.

    So is this a common problem? I've never heard or seen anywhere an iPod freezing.

    I went to apple.com and they showed how to reset the iPod to unfreeze it and I can't even do that.

    Also, I just noticed its getting warm.

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