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  1. At the Playstation Network, do you need a wireless router to download games for the PSP? For example, I want to purchase Crash Bandicoot, which they have available for PSP. I just have no clue how to get it or anything. I have my PSP connected via USB cable. Do I need to do this using the PSP's web browser, or do I possibly need a PS3 to do this?
  2. How do you convert songs to mp3 format? I've only been able to get m4a and wma...
  3. If you do have any type of avi player, just burn a CD with the song on that player, if it can. I have to do the same thing for wma files to transfer from Windows media to iTunes.
  4. Could anybody make me a sig that has some Red Sox stuff on it? And don't put my username, just put things like: Fenway Park Red Sox Emblem Any recent and good players thanks.
  5. Yeah, I have Audacity. I'm looking for something that you can pretty much make your own music, not just mix it up.
  6. Is there a music program that works like Garageband for Mac but works for PC?
  7. For video, does it have to be any certain type of format? And does it go into the same folder that the MUSIC went into?
  8. Ah ok. I had to create a new folder called "MUSIC" for it to work. thanks.
  9. I opened it up and deleted all the songs I put on there. So I got space back on my Memory Stick. I'm still completely clueless about HOW to get songs onto my PSP.
  10. Well I'm in Windows Media Player. It shows 5 different places to send it to: PSP MP3 MSSEMC MSSONY DCIM My first try, I sent the songs to PSP, didn't work. I just tried MP3, still doesn't show songs in the music menu. And now I have only 98MB left on my Memory Stick...
  11. Well I figured out you have to go into USB mode. I then imported songs from Windows Media to the PSP but they do not show up in the music part of the menu, yet there is now space missing from my Memory Stick. Help please?
  12. I just got a PSP and bought a USB cable to put music onto it. Well I plugged it in and it doesn't show that it's plugged in or anything. How do I get music onto the PSP?
  13. I got a 2GB Nano for Christmas. It freezes frequently so I decided i'm going to return it. Should I just get a refund and dish out an extra $75 (on Amazon) for the 30GB video iPod?
  14. Ok. I was going to go back to wherever it was bought and try getting a new one. I'll try that first and then send it to apple if I can't get a new one.
  15. Anyone else having iPod problems? I got a silver nano. It froze yesterday so I left it overnight and it unfroze in the morning. It froze today about 5 hours ago and is still frozen. So is this a common problem? I've never heard or seen anywhere an iPod freezing. I went to apple.com and they showed how to reset the iPod to unfreeze it and I can't even do that. Also, I just noticed its getting warm.
  16. I got Guitar Hero and an extra guitar for Christmas. Do the guitars from the first game work with the second game?
  17. Thanks a lot. That looks a lot better than what I just tried to make...
  18. Ukeke3000... lol... Can I get a sig that has either Prince of Persia in it or Final Fantasy (7,8,10)?
  19. Just hop on over to this or this thread, and request one there. Someone will most likely make one for you. Be sure to have some sort of idea to give them though, as it'll help speed the process along. ok thanks
  20. Hello, I am new here. quick question. could anyone make me a better sig maybe? im new with the sig making thing.
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