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  1. I always liked 'Lifestream'. Very cool mix, really interesting sound on the guitar.

    I'm glad you said that Burnham, because that was the first song I thought of when I heard this, I just didn't know name of it. But djpretzel's right, that middle bit really does sound like Strawberry Fields Forever.

    It's even impressive how many different sounds they managed to cram in there, nice work.

  2. Wow wow wow. How the hell did I miss this? I love Terra's Theme, I'm not sure how I never spotted the JEREMY SOULE before though. I have a way of liking soundtracks and only later discovering he did them (such as Guild Wars titles). I adore the Oblivion soundtrack.

    It really is cool that someone like that submitted a remix here, rather incredible, really. And this is even pretty old, before ocremix started to get more recognition.

    It's a great piece, it's actually not my favorite Terra remix (that might still have to go to Ailsean's) but it is cool how noticeably his style it is. This mix would fit in Oblivion and no one but FF fans would even take notice.

    Very cool.

  3. Just as a point of note. A lot of you keep saying that 360 is selling much better than the PS3 in the US/Europe. Actually the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in Europe since october. The US is the only place the 360 is "beating" the PS3. In sales numbers, at any rate.

  4. I really like this mix. What I find so interesting about it is how it still "feels" like the original. This is gonna sound corny I'm sure. But even though the tempo is so much faster and the mix does plenty of "rocking out" it somehow keeps the same feel (which I can't even pinpoint...looming or sadness, not sure). It may have been intentional or not, but it's cool.

    Also, I only noticed this much later, the little piano bits in 1:10-1:14. They're right from the original version but it was awhile before I heard them in the mix, very cool.

  5. I'm 98% sure I'm the only person that liked Sonic Heroes...but I thought it was a lot of fun. And both SA games were fun too, would have been perfect if they had just gotten rid of the stages played with other characters.

    I grew up with Sonic and I miss him...it not so much that I buy into optimism as much as I really really hope that they'll make a great one...after all, after all the bad ones the odds arei n their favor, no? :P

  6. I happen to love my PS3, I've gotten a LOT of use out of it. And they are unloading with announced exclusives now. I dont' know what the hell everyone was talking about that it won't have any games that you can't get elseware. Right now it would appear Xbox's whole E3 show was multiplatforms save that famous mediocre shooter.

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