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  1. hey man thanks for the reply. Lets see. I use Abelton Live 6, and use some sounds for Reason. Abelton has been the best program i have used so far for mixing, mastering and effects. As for gigs, Its all pretty much a numbers game, the more people see your music the more chance you have of finding someone thats interested. I suggest getting a site together, i think you already might have one though. I just massesge some developers, send my demos out and so forth and sometimes someone replies and then you get references and you go from there. Its a lot of work. And as for doing it for free, I dont know if thats a good idea, because then everyone will expect you to do it for free, if you have confidence in yourself and your music itll show. At least ask for a small amount. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions! maybe you can post me a link for your stuff? im curious. Now as for my georgian friend: prosta vapireb ro chemi musika xalxma moisminos, ravizi aba es saiti sadgaz vipove. ukve etri tamashistvis davamtavre musikis zera de exla kidev vapireb mushaobas. aba he. -levan
  2. yes! I just put up some new samples http://www.dreamlandscheme.com/videogamemusic.htm enjoy guys -levan
  3. hello everyone! my name is levan, and I produce soundtracks for video games and downtempo music. I am in the middle of composing for a game called Darklife 2, which is an inworld game in Second Life. I would like for you guys to see some of my compositions and let me know what you think of it and if you all have any ideas of how i can get some more gigs, that would be quite helpful. I charge about $50 for segments up to a minute long. And I do classical compositions And electornic ones too. Thanks for you time guys, I really appreciate it here's the link: http://www.dreamlandscheme.com/videogamemusic.htm thanks again
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