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  1. Personaly I don't like Jazz, but I still enjoyed this mix. The main problem I found was that the trumpet/sax (or whatever it is), thats playing the harmony type thing, was to high pitched. I found the piano work great, I dont think you have much - if any - work to do on it. However, I didnt hear the drums doing all that much, mabye it's just cuz there soft. I'm not sure. Curently I'm actually playing this game, so the tune's fresh in my head. I think you do it justice.
  2. Same here, I havn't heard the orignal either. --- LISTENING: 0:00: Really, really good intro. 0:05 Very good choice on the lead. 0:27 That slap-bassish sound really needs to be changed. It clashes from the rest of the other sounds in my opinion. 0:33 Those rapid chords are getting kinda annoying. 1:09 Yay the main meledy again. Finaly the chords have some rythm to them. 1:52 Interesting choice of pad. A bit to loud tho. Either that or lead's to soft. 2:13 The arpegio gets anoying right before the drum fill, and continues to be so... 3:00 O ya! The meledy for one last time! ---
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