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  1. Lost two to Jessica. I hate being tired. Oh well. I wish I could play people in person. That would be fun.
  2. Sorry about not being on much. I should be available after 8 pm PST. I have been working crazy hours at my two jobs and I have been too tired to do much else. I just re broke my back too, so I am extra tired from trying to keep it feeling good enough to not pain me too much. Message me on AIM - snerraksobession
  3. That was a bunch of fun. Yay! Shear randomness in our generalities. Two games for me. We should do that more often or at least play in The Dungeon. More fitting for this time of year. These 12 hour days are kicking my ass. Lol. I guess that I should work on my newest song. Yay, Change Me. Laters.
  4. Lost two to Dama. Jesus the second game was incredibly close. I'm waiting for the move list.
  5. Well as promised, I have come up with another topic for the next couple of weeks. So I guess this one most of us could have seen coming a mile away. Well it has to do with Halloween. Here we go. What did you do for the weekend preceeding Halloween? What are you doing for Halloween? Dressing up? How about some stories from previous years? What are you planning on doing for next year if you know? What's you favorite Halloween activity? Tricks or treats, which do you like better and are there stories attached? This should be a fun one. Have fun with it and I will post my stuff later. I have work in a few hours and I must got to sleep. Good night everyone. Good luck with your games this week!
  6. Just finished up my games with Project Spam. I won them both. Sorry to hear that he's done though. Farewell to you Project Spam. So that puts four wins for me today. Just in time too. Have fun in next weeks games everyone.
  7. Ks_Sox_Fan and I played where in I won both games against him. That should clear up that mess. That is unless he/she was playing another player.
  8. Let's see what's wrong with the picture... Look at Ks. Sox piece collection, where his pieces are located, where my pieces are located, where my pieces are located and also look at the move count. Yahoo! is being bastardous to me. Meh. Oh well. Good games.
  9. I won two against Ks Sox. Much frustration with Yahoo! there. It messed with my screen and we had to replay what we had already played out.
  10. So what's everybody think about this one? It's sig sized.
  11. It's late in the week mind you, I hope to play my games since I can not get a hold of you via AIM. Please respond back.
  12. Until Kamoh changes this, my AIM contact name is actually snerraksobession. It should have been what he put, but at the time I had created it it was late and I was tired so I ended mispelling it. That's mostly for everyone else who has tried to add me and not ever seen me online. I'm on most all the time.
  13. Kamoh speaking on Snerraks account: If this is unsatisfactory, then we can talk about it later: 1) The chances of stalemate in that situation (for dama) is very difficult. 2) The chances of stalemate WHEN the advantaged player is aware that they need to avoid stalemate is nigh impossible. 3) Because of the above, Fire 1-0 dama.
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