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  1. Other translation:

    Go to http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/, select the bubble on the right, insert the original link, http://wii-ds.com/article/80654317.html (SPOILERS), and click the button surrounded by the orange rectangle.

    I dunno what the deal is with the struck-out text, though. It shows up on the untranslated site as well, but not on the Google-translated version Atma posted. By combining both translations, you should get the idea :)

  2. A decline in interest in video games is pretty much for the best as you enter or are continuing college.

    I agree with what's been said before: other than Brawl, there are no games I really care about, either new or old. Maybe something is wrong with me, but I didn't like Galaxy much at all.

  3. I have never heard someone call Trigun or Cowboy Bebop a bad anime.

    OPINIONS LOL to follow:

    I never liked Trigun--I fail to see why it's considered anything above mediocre. Cowboy Bebop, on the other hand, was good. At the time I saw Bebop, my only exposure to anime was DBZ, Evangelion, and Gundam Wing. I felt that Bebop was better than all of these in terms of characterization, music, and plot, and for a few years, it was my favorite anime.

    Since then, however, I have seen a lot more anime, of broader genres, and I no longer consider it the best. I think that while the majority of anime recently produced is pretty bad, the top shows of today are a little better than those of a decade or two ago.

    Amongst fairly recent anime, Honey & Clover is probably my favorite, though I found a couple of episodes from Welcome to the NHK! to really resonate with me. The first episode of Macross Frontier looked really good; I would like it even more if some of the unnecessary fanservice was reduced, but that's not going to happen. Same with Gundam 00.

  4. My 'rents said I can't bring Wii back to college after winter break because I did really shitty my first semester (I'm a freshman at UMass Dartmouth). This means no SSBB.

    What do I do?

    Stop posting in this thread, order your spring textbooks, and studystudystudy till May.

  5. Regardless of which Ganondorf was actually more tough to fight, or was more intimidating, etc, the TP Ganondorf is the better-looking one, and the one I'd rather see in Brawl.

    Though I think it would be a nice acknowledgment to previous Zelda games if his FS was either pig-Ganon from LttP or OoT: "You are doing well, lad. But can you break through this secret technique of Darkness? En Garde!"

    Oh, the nostalgia LttP brings. :D

  6. Link: more nair (kick). And use the up/down A aerials more as follow-up moves. Failing to connect a down+A, even with L-canceling, leads to trouble in general (see 4:32), but especially against someone as fast as Fox.

    If you want to throw, shield-grab, don't just hookshot out of the blue. Down throw+up B or up A smash works decently, though I forget if Fox has enough time to recover from the throw to attack you (the down-throw puts Jigglypuff in the perfect spot to rest you, for example, :) ) Also, don't up+B randomly (at 5:15 Fox could have up smashed and killed you). It's usually not worth it.

    In general, as Taucer said, chain your attacks. Judicious (particularly against Fox) use of projectiles-->nair->SHFFL aerial forward A smash. Playing against Fox is tricky; compensate for Link's overall sluggishness by using kicks and tilt-As, which come out faster.

    I'm not that great at Smash, but hopefully the Link user can improve his game from this advice.

  7. It had a tendency of giving me sore thumbs, especially when playing MMX and the likes.

    Yeah, holding down the Y-button to charge while dash-jumping with A and B was somewhat uncomfortable. In the PS MMX games I just mapped one of the buttons to R1. The SNES controller on the whole was pretty good for the games it played, and a lot better than the N64 controller.

  8. I mean, there have to be some of you that are more excited about some other game, perhaps more than Brawl?

    There's pretty much no game that I've ever been this hyped for. I've become such a rabid Smash fanboy that it's disgusting. But then, I don't really play videogames anymore, and the RPGs and such that I used to play have far less replay value than a fighter.

  9. Ha, that should have been obvious. My bad.

    I suppose it remains to be seen as to whether or not Brawl will have character clones. If clones return, Ness might still have a chance of being playable. If he isn't, hopefully he makes an appearance as an AT in which he complains about not being included. :P

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