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  1. The REAL reason why Nintendo decided not to put more emphasis on graphics in developing the Wii.
  2. His bombs have higher knockback, but comboing his attacks is a little more difficult this time around. Also, his aerial down+A can't be L-canceled, which is too bad. I seem to just be item spamming Link in Brawl.
  3. Added my name to the OCR Database. I main Link, and am hoping for some good, lag-free matches. The ones I've played so far have been pretty laggy.
  4. Meh, none of the voices in the video were that bad. And we have David Hayter Snake, so I don't see why not having Japanese voices is an issue.
  5. Paratha

    Nintendo Wii

    Watching it at the moment. Subspace Emissary as Link.
  6. Paratha

    Nintendo Wii

    WHOA MAJOR SPOILERS why is this game so epic EDIT: 4chan /v/ has MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS EDIT EDIT: someone on 2ch (Japanese, if you didn't know) is leaking EVERYTHING
  7. Paratha

    Nintendo Wii

    Other translation: Go to http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/, select the bubble on the right, insert the original link, http://wii-ds.com/article/80654317.html (SPOILERS), and click the button surrounded by the orange rectangle. I dunno what the deal is with the struck-out text, though. It shows up on the untranslated site as well, but not on the Google-translated version Atma posted. By combining both translations, you should get the idea
  8. A decline in interest in video games is pretty much for the best as you enter or are continuing college. I agree with what's been said before: other than Brawl, there are no games I really care about, either new or old. Maybe something is wrong with me, but I didn't like Galaxy much at all.
  9. Paratha


    OPINIONS LOL to follow: I never liked Trigun--I fail to see why it's considered anything above mediocre. Cowboy Bebop, on the other hand, was good. At the time I saw Bebop, my only exposure to anime was DBZ, Evangelion, and Gundam Wing. I felt that Bebop was better than all of these in terms of characterization, music, and plot, and for a few years, it was my favorite anime. Since then, however, I have seen a lot more anime, of broader genres, and I no longer consider it the best. I think that while the majority of anime recently produced is pretty bad, the top shows of today are a little better than those of a decade or two ago. Amongst fairly recent anime, Honey & Clover is probably my favorite, though I found a couple of episodes from Welcome to the NHK! to really resonate with me. The first episode of Macross Frontier looked really good; I would like it even more if some of the unnecessary fanservice was reduced, but that's not going to happen. Same with Gundam 00.
  10. I dunno, I didn't like him in DKC 1-3; going through regular levels was a lot more fun than boss battles in those games. I'm perfectly happy with him not being in Brawl.
  11. He seems more like Zappa from Guilty Gear, in that he summons/obtains Pikmin to fight for him.
  12. Stop posting in this thread, order your spring textbooks, and studystudystudy till May.
  13. Classic. Though I like the X series more, Classic Megaman is the most iconic.
  14. I'm liking the fact that Stafy is smiling even as he's being kicked by Diddy. Here's hoping for a Megaman Monday update.
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