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  1. Also updated original post with updated tracklisting. There are only a few small tracks left to identify. Can you do it?
  2. I'm glad someone got that one, it's not readily identifiable to the casual SNES player. You sir are hardcore!
  3. i'm gonna bump this one just because I think y'all can fill in some of the blanks on the tracklistings here. Also, post up what you think of the mixes?
  4. Okay, the mix tracklists are posted up as much as they've been filled in by various boardmembers. Anyone else care to add some mortar to the cracks?
  5. Yes! Another easy one. I wanna know if anyone knows that last song from part one though, i threw that one in as a real stumper! Can you guess which tune is in the background during the auction house theme from FF6 though? I'll give a hint: it was a game based on a very popular animated movie from the mid-nineties.
  6. Any other people willing to step up and fill things in? Mole minigame is correct, the TMNT themes, also right, and i'll give you the DKC2 one, it's actually the main title theme song from the first DKC, stripped down to drums and monkey-noises, ironically over the "monkeys" theme from Mario Paint.
  7. Check. We'll give that one to you, it wouldn't be fair to ask "which game" (it actually came from a game that was listed as "GD3" if it makes a difference) Yep, the Scramble at the beginning, followed by Corneria. However, there's a sound from a certain RPG that plays before Corneria comes in. A treasure chest of sporks for whoever can guess which RPG. Nope. There are two different themes here, one after the other that need to be filled in. Yup, Mother Brain. Yep, but there's more after this. We'll leave it there for the rest to be filled in. The Simpsons - Bart's Nightma
  8. I should have put this up here earlier. What's up, my name's Squintee Gee. I just put up part 2 of my SPC-700 themed mix series, which is just me mixing and blending classic SNES tunes in their original element or with channels stripped. See if you can piece together the tracklistings on these! Part 1 Part 2 (P.S. I don't doubt for a second that the OCR boardmembers can put up the entire tracklisting of these two mixes in full... i give it about 1 week. ) RESULTS SO FAR: PART 1: 00:00 - 00:03 - Street Fighter 2 - Capcom Intro Screen 00:03 - 00:06 - Gradius 3 - Konami Intro Screen 0
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