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  1. Hey guys

    I added Disco Dan at Facebook and he sent me his newest versions of BlueLightning and Hard Man Hard Knuckles. He says he's redoing all Blaster Master songs but not finished yet. I'm uploading to mediafire right now.

    I'm putting everything I got of him in a folder, here's a list:

    Mega Man:

    Top Man Hot N Cold Mix (160)

    Spark Man Code Red (160)

    MagnetMan goes West (160)

    HardMan HardKnuckles first mix (160)

    GeminiMan All Around The World (160)

    NeedleMan by Night (160)

    bosscrap (128)

    Gemini Man all around the World (192)

    Get equipped with strobe light v1 (192)

    and v2 (160)

    Ice Man- Slippery when mixing (160)

    Into the fray (159)

    Metalman goes Clubbing (160)

    BlueLightning v1 (96, OCR version)

    BlueLightning v2 (160)

    BlueLightning final 2008 (192)

    Get Down (112)

    Native Knight (128)

    Needle Man by Night (192)

    Spark Man Code Red (192)

    Top Man Hot 'n' Cold (112)

    Wily 3 Impendium (160)

    Hard Man Hard Knuckles final 2008 (192)

    Rapid Fire OC (128)

    Bubble Man Funked Up (112)


    Triforce Majeure (OCR, he won't make a new version)

    Braving Tal Tal heights (same)

    Donkey Kong Riptide



    If Disco Dan is a god (and he is), then you are some sort of lesser deity for doing this. Thanks!

  2. My sentiments exactly. Only...is there a higher bitrate version of this? I think a couple of my friends would be like ARGH THIS IS TOO HARSH 128KBPS LOL. Please thanks. Dunno if it would actually sound better. I never really get higher bit rate versions from OCRemixers so I'm just assuming it could be a lot more enjoyable when it might sound a lot the same.

    Mazedude, would you ever marry a man with a vagina?

    I wonder if people who say such things as this realize how freaking weird it sounds.

    I do realize that. That's the point.

  3. I'll agree with vig, as usual. This is one of the most non-intuitive songs I've ever heard. Seems the only reason it passed is due to the usual 'groove' bias. Hard to believe that any simple drum loop could be so groovy that it justifies looping virtually nonstop for 6 minutes on the same key with minimal changes on ye old metroid title theme. One redeeming quality is perhaps the break at 1:00. Its certainly a good direction this song could have taken to be more interesting. unfortunately it dies off quickly. Reappears later (loop) and dies again. A multitude of problems upon that; delayed strings show yet again that good samples still require a discipline of skill or they just sound bad. I will say the loop loop loop nature of this song is fitting as the standards here appear to loop loop loop downward in a spiral to oblivion.

    There’s no justification here. Marc Star is WAY WAY better than this. A great example would be one of my all time favorite ocremixes 'Wild Arms RosettaRefrain OC ReMix' towards which this doesn't manage even the same realm of quality. Or of course 'Final Fantasy 8 Fantasy Rush OC ReMix'. No dice here.

    I want Protricity's seed.

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