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  1. If Disco Dan is a god (and he is), then you are some sort of lesser deity for doing this. Thanks!
  2. Problem connecting to tracker - timed out o god hrelp
  3. Lyrics almost always detract from a song for me (see also: Dragon Song), so a good instrumental lead would have been better in my ears -- just a matter of personal preference.
  4. The first minute or so of this track was building me up to a climax of epic proportions, then the vocals came in and I became flaccid and unfulfilled. :/
  5. If the loud, thudding bass present in about 2/3 of this mix were played at half its current volume, this mix would probably really pump my nads. As it is, there's some interesting melody going on that's drowned out by (to me) needlessly loud, repetitive thumping. Reminds me too much of ffmusicdj's work.
  6. This song kicked me in the nuts so hard that it murdered my son ten years in the future.
  7. A triumphant, boner-popping return for Disco Dan! Did he ever make any other Mega Man remixes besides the ones posted on OCR and the 10 in the Mega Man 3 set?
  8. Holy Christ on a stick. Protricity has deigned to bless us with a new work of his. To be honest, I don't really like it as much as a lot of Prot's mixes, but that's more indicative of the ass-raping level of awesome to which his other songs aspire. Yay for being unbanned. Yay for Protricity.
  9. This song is so amazingly hot that I want to have sex with it every moment of my life until I die.
  10. I hated Eternal Champions with a passion and have no memory of its soundtrack, and yet this mix punches me in the face harder and harder every time I listen to it.
  11. I wonder if people who say such things as this realize how freaking weird it sounds. I do realize that. That's the point.
  12. Zircon's last two mixes have really assraped the hell out of me. Keep up the awesome work.
  13. This song from 2:30 onward, especially the "Secret of the Arid Sands" part, kicks my testicles into my esophagus.
  14. A typical boner-popping tune from Salzman. Good stuff. My pants are a mess.
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