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  1. Oh sweet. Sadly there doesn't seem to be anyon ebay. :/
  2. I'm looking around for the track list so I'll get it to you when I find it.
  3. Sure! We can start right away if you can. I'm usually on during the weekdays and most weekends I'm on in the morning and evening.
  4. I would be interested in running the project myself but I've never done one before so I wouldn't know where to start! ;; Though if someone else is interested I would be more than happy to maybe help run the project.
  5. Probably a stupid post but I'm a huge fan of the Kong in Concert album. Is an album for DKC2 a possibility? I know there have been some remixes made already for some songs but I'd really like to see something for all the songs in the game. They're all great!
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