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  1. Hi mate,

    Im trying to do a remix of emerald hill on sonic 2, the one sound im struggling with is the brass sound which stabs at the begining. I have followed your tutorial for using VOPM and MVS tracker but im a bit confused. When i dump the voices do i need to do it each time for each channel? how do i decipher between sounds? all help appreciated.



  2. Well, it's not as hard as you think. To those who will not get a word of what I'll say, I included screenshots showing the steps for the same Slap Bass sound (from Sonic 1, Green Hill Zone) : When you dumped your channels using Gens KMod, you should have some *.y12 files somewhere on you hard drive (where you specified the files to be saved): Go to that menu using Gens KMod. To dump your voice/preset/sound, just hit the "Dump channel" button. Then, open MVSTracker MD. Go to the "View" menu and select "Instrument Editor". Push the "Load" button at the top of the dialog and select the
  3. A nice Japanese website featuring samples of vintage drum machines such as the Yamaha RX5 and the Korg DDM110 "Super Drums": http://www.denhaku.com/r_box/r_box.htm And about that using "generic samples (or sounds)" debate, I tend to understand Mairuzu's POV and tend to, myself, believe that using edited versions or original stuff like I tend to do it (on some on my songs, I even sampled my old SB16 FM chip and YMAmp) is way more interesting. In the other hand, if someone manages to use his "generic presets or samples" brilliantly, I don't see any problem.
  4. Yay, MVSTracker MD! It's actually pretty useful when used in conjunction with Gens KMod (see above). To people who effectively want to use those kind of sounds in their personal music software (any kind that support VST instruments), this might interest you. Recently, I stumbled accross a VST plugin called VOPM. As its name suggests it, it is nothing less than an YM2151 emulator. And it's freeware. And, as parameters are roughly the same as on a 2612, it is technically possible to port 2612 voices to VOPM easily. Also, VOPM seems to be pretty accurate and 2612 voices will sound almost exa
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